Medal and Farmer Perks

Why, in the dungeon rounds, can we not have these perks do anything? The Medal perk would be HUGE for gaining some extra medals from a hard fought battle. The Farmer perk should also be able to be used in the dungeons. It’s not a big deal to not have the Farmer perk. Also, just an extra thing here, @Maerique said a while back in Suggestions, that it’d be great to see what hero you are using in the Prepare for Battle page, I like that idea. Why not have the setup page be more like the Pro League page. Picture of the hero with his stats, and then click the info button and you’ll see the extra stuff

Yes some have ask this in the past but was ignored by Flare. Really the best solution make Farmer and Medal perk work in dungeon. That will avoid player to abuse attack on other players and will maybe stop some player or new players who don’t like that to stop and quit the game.

If Flare want this game survive enough longer probably will add this one day. If they don’t care probably they will ignore you like they did with everyone

We never know on what they work anyway

I am sure some dungeon can give good amount of medal and give better than 24 or 32

It won’t be implemented as it’ll make it too easy to get medals from dungeons.
Dungeons are already a good place to get medals, allowing medal and farm perk to work there, people wouldn’t bother fighting each other and just do dungeons to win leagues.

And then people will come on and complain about doing dungeons all day to get medals.