Medal Bonus to Favorites

Why is the medal bonus only applied to random opponents? It’s the only incentive of stay in higher ranks yet this minor incentive is really limited.

Favorites and searched players should also have the medal bonus! I don’t see why not? The medal bonus should be applicable to all. Seeing that you don’t get decent medals from players lower than you anyways…

I’m against this idea because people usually have in their fav list person they can beat for lots of medals let say 250-300 medals.To add bonus is a huge advantage there , while random matchmaking requires gold to search so of course go get bonus for the gold you spend to spin it.Besides , matchmaking are same as search opponent where it gave you opponent in your range , only difference is it doesnt cost gold.

Search doesn’t give bonus, the idea here is to give players an incentive to go up the ranks? So what if they can defeat them? When you reach top100 top50 you already know almost all the players you know you can beat but some give shit loot.

It’s an incentive to go up the ranks? Why limit?

Medal bonus - advantage for people in the higher ranks. Incentive if you want it then work for it go up the ranks!

You’re scared of people getting high medals? Well that’s the motivation to go higher? Ding dong, that’s the aim going up the ranks

You’re scared of people getting high medals? Well that’s the motivation to go higher? Ding dong, that’s the aim going up the ranks

I think it is fair, raiding randomly is more risky so it is fair if it gives you medals bonus.

I think it would actually be worth considering to also add the bonus to trophies and gold if you attack via matchmaking.

This would encourage players to use matchmaking even more and not only farm from their (known as beatable) favorites over and over again.

You attack favorites because you need to maximize the gold with limited food , gold and attack. That’s pretty much common sense. Why did you even think they put favorites?

They keep saying they want people to go up the ranks, play more and not dump or hide. Give players a reason to go up. Medal bonus isn’t much plus add the fact that you’ll face stronger players and pretty much ruin your loot. Tiny incentive yet with a limitation.

With match making giving shit loot why use that. And that has nothing to do with incentives

Incentive to go up. Pretty much a bonus motivation for players. It’s not about being fair. Bonus bonus to go up the ranks


Most players should have bases in their favorites where they know they can beat them easily - in other words “a safe win”.

Why should anyone get a reward for taking the easy route?


Take a challenge by fighting opponents chosen by the game and win - then the reward is really earned.

You’re not really getting it? Medal bonus was made to motivate people to go up the ranks?

Duh that’s why it’s called favorites. It’s like common sense, you have a player that gives 250k sure vs total random player with most often than not have significantly lower loot. Who would you choose? And why wouldn’t you attack a player that yields more gold? With the limited attacks and food?

Common sense tho, although you love contradicting people’s ideas and posts.

Challenge? They even offer less. Lol

Random players doesn’t necessarily mean challenging lol ESP when you’re top 100 and 50 everyone is pretty strong and if you stay long enough get know the king names and strength. Lol which simply debunks on your idea. And if we do stick with that its not going to be about going up the ranks but just attacking random people.

Good luck going anywhere