Medal bonus understanding,Ather.

hey there ather,from long time i have not understood what it means,I am talking about medal bonus,which is in the sub-content of vocher or friends icon,in the middle of the right corner,it always shows 0% medal bonus,whereas I have seen FLOTHABOSS video in which he gets 50%medal bonus.How does that work,A little help.

If ur ranking in top500, u only eligible for the medal bonus

Thanx for the answer.

Top 1000.

1000-501: 5% 500-101: 10% 100-11: 25% 10-1: 50%

Tq for the accurate info

good you got your answer from player…aether is busy getting her rubber stamp…re-inked…however when she is free she will refer the question to flare…lol

Don’t make fun of her like that, you don’t how busy she’s been. I think she doesn’t even have much time to check the forums now…

it worth to note also that it s only available when you fight via the match maker…you wont get any medal bonus if you attack one of your fav :slight_smile:

Am at 90level and the ranking is 11k,like this I dnt think I will get medal bonus anytime soon,will try at next leap year.

im not making fun of aether…although i dont know many who dont have time to do their job…im sorry if her stamper ran out of ink…perhaps with the money flare is raking in she can get a new stamper so one could be inking while she stamps with the other

Sadly I think she gets no extra money if Flare’s money flow increases after the udpate. And Aether’s “job” right now is something else, she’s been very busy on that other stuff, so she has very little time for checking the forums, but you’re right when you say the forums are her job too, so I guess she has overworked but still can’t give this site much time…

She actually doesn’t work only on Forum, being a Community Manager actually doesn’t consist only on patrol it ^^ so this may be the reason why she is also overworked 

hate to say it but the forum can be handled by a dummy…i will refer this to flare…it doesnt have to be typed a rubber stamp does it…same answer for every problem…we should not even need her …it could be posted at the top of the page,…pinned…so all could type in their problem or complaint…and refer to same old answer…i will refer this to flare


This thread escalate only in several hours   :wink:

Let’s be honest here, this forum means nothing to flare but a front to put new ways to increase their income exponentially. If you think flare will listen, then you’re in a big dream world. But fg is so good at acting that you don’t realize how they act to listen and solve some problem by patching it with another problem. It’s like they intentionally infuse the problem so they can put another problem on it later which will deliver them tons of $$$. 

On a second thought… Fg do listen sometimes, they listen to what top players complaints and use it against them. It’s like the top players unconsciously and  willingly giving flare  more weapon to screw them over. As we all know, flare didn’t really test their own game, they use us to test it, we will report/complains about something and that opens new idea for them to screw us more… We really are a silly bunch   :wink:


And who’s gonna pin stuff at the top of the page?

A clue: no other than a community manager because people at Flares are too busy counting their money on bank accounts  :mellow:

sorry caki…i will refer your desire to send chocolates to aether on to flare…if they say no im sorry but flare will not compensate you for your losses…

Oh no  :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, if you wanna send her chocolates, I guess you can always send them to her directly, Flares most probably will steal them  :stuck_out_tongue:

Flare would charge Aether 2000 gems for holding the chocolate