Medal bonus?????????????

my medal bonus in leaderbox is 0%… how it really works… how to increse it

Top 1000 - 5%

Top 500 - 10%

Top 100 - 25%

Top 10 - 50%




Think it was like this

ohh… quite difficult to reach there

Yeah you need decent base to reach top 1000 and maintain your rank.I got there around level 65 since I didn’t have a strong base.Even at 5% it helps a lot with league !

…means your level 65+… you can easily go through my base

I’m level 74 right now , whats your IGN ?

IGN??? king name?? its Goutam

IGN = In-Game Name, so yes, he meant the name of your king.

thnx… can u test my base. some tips…

I’ve seen your base , heroesflorian too strong for you.Probably won’t be able to judge your base properly but his experience does always help :slight_smile:

top 500: 10%

And 3500 trophies

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