medal boost

I was hoping someone could tell me how this works. How high in the leaderboards do I have to be to get this? 

>1000 for 10% I think, >100 for 25%, top 10, though it only works on those you fight via matchmaking.

Reach 1000 and you get 5%. (I know)

Reach 500 and you get 10%. (I know)

Reach 100 and you get 25% (I heard)

Reach 10 and you get 50% (I heard)

Yes desihero I agree with the top two there.

Kinda stupid, don’t you think? Shouldn’t this address low- and mid-level players? They would need the medals.

Cloustrike, not the point, the idea is to get lower and middle to want to move up and have a full defence. To be honest higher level players have much higher food costs per battle, the very top players 250 food each battle and no one out of the top 50 or so gives them many medals at all. Most of the tournaments I have been in of late are dominated by low/mid range players with open or near open bases medal farming. Higher level players can’t adopt this tactic and can only get 3 attacks per full silo.

Ok, got it.

If tournaments are been dominated by low/mid range players how comes hsmk has a 360,000 medal record and 9000 gem reward. Are you saying he can’t compete?

Didn’t flare say they was going to do more to get people higher up the leaderboards other than medal boost.

Weebo, I guess HsMk just did an INSANE amount of fights there, using lot’s of tapjoy videos and gems to get additional food.

Just imagine you get 1k medals per attack - that’s still 360 attacks in 3 days, or 120 per day, each taking about 3-4 minutes (including reward chamber, loading, finding opponents, etc). That is at least 7 hours of non-stop raiding, without counting the extra time for watching videos or anything else for getting gems to refill the silo. That also assumes you get always 100% perfect victories. And, you will probably never get even close to 1k medals for an attack, even with max medal boost.

Moreover, you (being ranked at least top3) have to raid more or less always top10 bases for many medals - which means there is always a quite big chance you have to scroll once or twice. And top players HAVE to scroll, because giving up instead and failing once or twice could just cost them dozens and hundreds of trophies and put them out of the top10 very quickly…

And last but not least, you might want to take a break every now and then, or eat something…

So, to sum it up, making such a record is probably a hard full-time job and very gem-intensive, and is probably nothing you could do in every tournament or would even want to do - as most if not all of the reward for the record might get eaten up be silo refills and scrolls.


For short: A one-time record of a top3 player is definitely NOT representative at all for the average tournament experience or performance of any high or elite level player. Especially if you consider that HsMk is considered being the strongest / highest-lvl hero in the game. Most high-lvl (not elite) players are in a situation where they would still move up noticeably in the leaderboard when they start to nonstop-raid, getting harder opponents, meaning they might fail more often.



But apart from that, even I (being around 3.1k trophies) am recently noticing that in my tournaments (diamond league) the top 5 places are often players that have a lot less trophies than me and that also give me barely any medals if I attack them - be it because they have open bases currently, be it they just have had open bases before and lowered their trophy count that much, be it that they just have weaker bases and lower hero level but use their much-lower bread-per-attack costs and free bread for videos, or just a mix of those reasons…

Currently, in my league: players with 2.3k, 1.9k, 0.9k(!) trophies are in the top5 - those would give me around 100/25/25 medals when I get a 100% victory at them, compared to about 500-600 thophies for most enemies at my trophy level.


I guess for really high level players, it’s a lot worse^^

I think not having those features like tapjoy and adverts for bread is worse than anything else as it defies the laws of physics to compete. Also the people at the top 10 know the rules, they know they pay to be there. 


Basically the whole medal/trophy system is a farce. Take this. I have a guy who just comes and gets like 5% of my base dumping ~50 trophies on me and when I look at his stats he’s clearly able to do better. Trophy dumping that’s not really talked about. More effective than an open base. With me farming as well it pushes my trophies a lot higher than they should be. 


The only way they can change it is by adding skill to the game rather than just basing it on who has the highest upgrades. Pulling the hero to a corner and pressing sonic blast is hardly skilful. I’m not saying it should be complicated like star craft. But when you get to the higher level (throne 9)  The game should take on a different dimension. I mean I love the easy learning curve but now I just want more. It would also help with medal/trophy distribution.

Trophy dumping is effective, yes, but unless you have access to videos it effectively costs you bread = gold+trophy gains.

But basically, an unfortunate hit from an ogre or rushing in too quickly can lead to early death, too, without any intention of dying. So not every 5% fail is actually wanted/planned. So an occasional badly failing attacker doesn’t have to be a trophy dumper.


As far as I know, top 10 players don’t get more than 400 medals while fighting among them(let alone lower levels, and if the 50% bonus is correct then I don’t think they’ll be getting more than 600 medals per attack. So in that sense, HsMk would have to spend about 12 hours a day (!!!)  for three days in the row to achieve that record ( 360K medals/600 medals per attack max  = 600 attacks in total /3 days= 200 attacks per day * 3.5 minutes time between attacks = 700 minutes per day/ 60 minutes = 11 2/3 Hours of gameplay per DAY> WOWOWWOWOWOW!

Of course let’s not forget the 3 fights per day restriction(and also the diminishing medals for each subsequent attack) which means that HsMk would have to fight with players lower than TOP50 to achieve this record, but then those players would have give him a much much lower medal count. So actually we might be talking for way more than 200 attacks per day, which effectively means that he was playing non stop playing all day and night , Gods knows for how many hours…

I don’t know if that’s even humanly possible :confused: This is so unbelievable that I would say that he was hacking to achieve that score, on the other hand maybe he wasn’t.

Can someone explain to me if there’s something wrong to my maths/logic?

If your maths is correct “I think it is” I’m just not sure about how many medals they are getting per battle. Also he could just scroll through the battles in about a minute making it very easy, sorry easier to do many battles in a shorter time. and the bases below 50 would be no challenge. 


If I was going to set a record I would probably purchase 20,000 gems at 75% off, (maybe x2) if your currency is pathetic, it should cover scroll/ bread use. and getting 10k gems back for reward 


Another factor is it could be done by multiple people. Brothers, students in a dorm or he could even higher real workers in poor countries 7 pennies  a day I hear people work for.  Just saying think outside the box.

I saw HsMk posted a pic of him getting 1000+ medals after medal bonus , surely its possible to gain 360k medals with 120 per day with 1000 medals per attack.Hes just playing a lot using gems and videos.

@Weebo 20,000 gems at 75% off!! Where do you get your gems from? I have never seen more than 33% off personally, other than the first rope you in offer when I joined.


Medals per battle for the top 10 are up to 800 at best normally, so if you get a 50% medal boost you could make 1200, but more often than not top players are worth around 500, so about 750 an attack is a fair guess. Medal boosts ONLY apply to matchmaking not to selected attacks and to get those rewards against many top ten kingdoms most kings have to scroll several times to take down the gate. Don’t forget top players have a limited pool of matchmade prey to get this boost they would probably only have 10-15 opponents to attack at the most.


Come what may, the record that HsMk made was a fantastic feat of endurance and skill. I for one am convinced that it was achieved fairly not by any form of hacking, we should give credit where it is due.

the most of fights with matchmaking at top 10 give the player by 100% is between 1000 and 1500 medals. so the record by hsmk is ok. i think the record is beatable if you are at top 10.

Right this minute I can buy 20k gems for £69.99 which is 40% free they tell me. BUT I have had offers 20k gems for ~ £26. which is 70-75% I can’t remember the exact figure but it was definitely close to that. 


I’m not saying hsmk record is not legit, just pointing out the many ways it could have been fabricated or beaten in the future,

… and have a lot of time/gems on your hands for food etc. I get between 750 and 1000 at best Including boost, I assume those above me gets less. It might be beatable … but it would be hard work.

Please enough about mid and low players… You had your fun. Medal bonuses aren’t even enough to compensate for the shit we deal with in top50

That’s interesting I am an android user, have never used facebook or videos, my gems pack is £74.99. A disparity, unfair to android users maybe?