Medal rewards too low

Not sure if this is the place to write this. The medal rewards is to low only 29 medals for a fight at the event that takes all the sweat of me to finish is not ok. 600k gold reward and only 29 medals is just too low and the effort is too big.

300 to 400 medals when my level was 20 and now only 29 medals, why?

Please do a different recalculation and perhaps make the event easier for lower lvl players (or perhaps not).

Hey, this video might help you ^^ :


Yes those are some good tips, I regularly watch your videos, but I still don’t agree with the calculations especially in the events a really difficult battle shd give more rewards not only gold. 

Also I would like to have the call revamped so that the ranged units can follow you and when they are close to 2 blocks to stop and shoot, otherwise the call is useless and works only on melee units.

I haven’t watched the video but Im guessing it’s “Want medals? Attack people that are 30 levels over you that are impossible to beat! Easy!”