Medals: Another Unbelievably STUPID change

Congrats on yet another change of monumental stupidity. By reducing the number of medals granted during league wars, you have now made it EASIER THAN EVER for higher level players to prey upon lower level ones. Why should I bother to attack someone near my own level when I can get EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT OF MEDALS for attacking someone two to oh six or seven levels below me. The amount of gold granted is pretty comparable. Gee, I may miss out on as many as FIVE TO TEN trophies. Hey you know, trophies come and go.But bullying the weaker, THAT’S the name of THIS game.

HUGE Bronx cheer to TPTB that thought this brain death scheme up.

Do you refer to the minimum medals (around 30ish, depending on the own level) you always get, regardless of the difficulty of the fight? It’s so low, that i didn’t bother to compete in leagues any more (no incentive to attack low level players …). I guess Flare want’s players to attack too high level players, where you need scrolls to win and get “normal” amount of medals.

It started at around level 70 (i see, you are level 68) and in my case it lasted for three months and just yesterday at level 87 i started seeing doable bases with 100-300 medals (still 80-90% of players around me give minimum medals). I instantly won silver and gold league :slight_smile:

So: prepare for some hard times … they will end at probably 3500-3700 trophies.

unfortunately this is a side effect of going up in rank. It forces you to attack those stronger than you to gain a reasonable amount of medals. This is one of the reasons why it is easier to win leagues at lower levels.

Well that explains it. I’m honestly surprised no one has looked into racketeering charges with all these so called “free games.” [/eyeroll]

I guess I’ll just do what everyone else does and prey on easier tower-level targets. Who designed this game? Darwin?

I am in level 85 now and like mogor said my medals won changed to just 29 medals per raid around your level. Now I used to get 31 medals from most of the raid even when attacking meng77’s free base (he is 95+ I suppose). I had to fav some players to get decent medals to win leagues. One question, do the medal count returns to normal after 3500-3700 trophies? Coz I don’t like to increase my medals I am in 2900-3000 trophies.

In my range of trophies (3500 - 3700) i see 10-20% players giving me significantly more than the minimum medals (100-300). Some but not all are beatable. I noticed the following about edward (~4200 trophies): his full base would have given me ~400 medals (i couldn’t beat it though). When he removed all of his barricades, the medals went down to ~200. I attacked him just for curiosity and could win. So a base with high level elements gives you more medals, but they are obviously tougher.

Edward, can you tell us about the medal situation in your range ~4200: Is it easy to get medals again?

Your offensive strength and the defensive strength of the defender are taken into account. I’m iin the 400-4100 range and I get people ranging from 100 to 700 trophies.

When you upgrade spells or troop you will see a difference in medals. I was upgrading a spell that I didn’t use and all my favorite that I used for medal farming saw a huge drop when I finnaly got the upgrade.

There is a lot to take in consideraton in the medal formula.

yes medals count drops if any of the single slot of spell or unit is upgraded to max… So make sure to upgrade one bye one… With not much difference in any of the six slot you are using in the war… Hero level also to be maintained…

It so hard to understand all of it :slightly_frowning_face: