Medals Ceiling @ 1,336 why?

Can someone explain WHY there is a maximum / ceiling in medals at 1,336?  If you fight many different top level bases you will see that there is a HUGE difference between these bases due to maxed troops,   perked towers /troops e etc etc.  So I don’t understand the need to impose a maximum ceiling?  Surely if medals are used to show /reward the difficulty of a base,  it would be more honest to NOT impose a ceiling? 

Hah! Honest!!.. and Flare!!!

  1. I have seen bases that give me 30 medals which I cant even go through 50% without any boosts and even with full boosts it would require full time or a resurrect if I am careless for a sec… Also some bases which cant be beaten by me even with full boosts only rewarding 30 medals.

Every time during this scenario I have seen that the opponent is atleast 10-12 levels ahead of me with high level towers and high wave points… If flare was honest how can it be 30 medals…? Are they trying to make you use gems?, I would say hell ya!!..

  1. Contrary to the above I have seen bases which give me >100 and <150 medals which I can beat without any boosts with time left… At this point when I finish the raid, I would say to my self WT**…

Every time during this scenario the opponent is 5-6 levels ahead of me with some high level towers and medium level wave points.

3.Usual scenario is I get 30 medals for a range of opponents whom I can beat easily or I can beat them on an edge. OK fare enough I guess…

  1. Untouchable bases with >400 medals… well cant say anything about these, as I cant even complete 10%… I would say fare.

As I dont see anything over 30 medals where I can earn some medals , I have not won a gold league since around 2 months… Cause you would get fed of getting point1 and point 4 bases from match maker and point 3 bases dont help at all… point 2 bases are so rare …

This is the story of Honest Flare through the view points of a normal RR2 citizen…

Haha,  fair enough Ganesh and I agree the Leagues seem very unbalanced I do not understand why Flare do not also group leagues by Global Ranking to give all players an actual chance of winning also.  So fair point.                                                                                                                So maybe I should use the word " accurate"  instead of “honest” .                                                                                          The current ceiling of 1,336 does NOT accurately reflect a bases difficulty, as some should more accurately be maybe even 1,500+ (Koonin?)  

Player with epics and higher level units / tower in my league gives me 80 medals.

Player with only a few starter units / towers in my league gives me 150 medals.


Not a hard choice who to attack for medals. :grinning:

Yeh!.. I have stopped looking at the medals to determine the toughness of the base (Medals are just a flare trick to make me spend gems :grinning:

Now I only look at Tower order, unit order, Base design to imagine if I have a fighting chance to beat it or not…

Also about ceiling of 1336, If you can beat a base worth 1336 and still you are only getting 1336 medals, then yah totally unfair and non-accurate…

I’ve noticed medals, trophies and even the base design with its wave composition and towers/obstacles can be deceiving. I’ve lost against “easy path with laughable waves and towers” but also I’ve beat players that gave me a high amount of medals and trophies. And those two cases apply on viceversa, I play against a hard wave/tower/path composition and win, or lose against someone with low medals and trophies.

Well that is the number exactly before 1337…!

So I’m guessing absolutely no one knows WHY there is a medals Ceiling that deliberately mis-rewards and under estimates top bases?   Amazing that despite Flare creating an open ended ability to continually improve your base (via perks)  they decided to continue to cap / limit the measurement of that.  Wow.                                                     @aether any ideas or am I sadly correct.  

with 10% bonus (top500) cap is 1470

Sorry I don’t get your point?  The cap is still 1,336 you just happen to get a % bonus depending on rank.  So…?  Sorry I’m confused by that comment.  

Spot on! We have a winner!

@Aether do you have any insight on this please ?  

As it makes ZERO sense to have a false misleading limit showing in a game where there are limitless upgrades for bases ?? (via pearls to perk way past Max build level)