Medals disparity - For Flare

Hello Jona,


I am sure you are already aware of the discussion going on in “Challenge Me” post.


Gist of it is, TOP PLAYERS (TOP 20) see much more medals from my base than lower lever players.


I am at 4000 trohpy level with ~150 rank.


Mischrieber1967 gives me ~730 medals for me but he see over 600 medals from my base which he clears with just mummies and other spells with time to spare.


SorinM give me ~600 medals and he see me at 583 medals. He also has a walkthru easily in my base.


Stanpa on the other hand is around 40 and sees only 480 medals from my base and he cant clear the base all the time.


Fii Nami is at 3600 and sees around 470 medals and clears 47% with a resurrect.


We dont understand why SorinM and M…1967 see that high medals from us. On top of that they get 50% medal bonus too.


To me it looks like they are being given 50% medal bonus not only from the final medal count, but also initial. They get 1 trophy from me so i dont expect them to see a max of 200 medals only. No wonder top 10 people can make those league records so easily.


I have nothing agains those players getting that much but it seems very wrong unless you say that there is a medal boost for the top players for being in that position. If so please make it official and may be that will be more reason for people to try moving up the ranks. I already know lot of people who are still not in top 100 but they definitely belong there.

Just a comment. I get 50% (well, not anymore but you get the idea) only if you appear in random match, which will never happen unless you get close to me in trophies. If I search for your base by name I get no bonus. Btw, I see you now at 517 medals.

I understand the 50% medal bonus for top 10(otherwise i guess 25% till 100) is only by using match making. 


My point here is you should not be seeing 500 plus medals from my base. It should be more like 100-200 range. That’s the issue here. How many medals you see for Mi…1967?






…and no, it shouldn’t be 100-200. Your base is fairly strong. Just because I defeated it doesn’t mean it is weak. It is strong!..and Mischrieber1967 is insanely strong :grinning:

For me you are at 590 and him at 730. Your signature says you are 87level king and i believe he is at level110.


I am level 80 only. How can this be explained?

It can be explained: Everybody attacks me lately including our friend Mischrieber1967 . As a result, my base suffered a lot of defeats and that reflects in medal count.

If your base suffered a lot then it affected your medal count and those who attack you should see lesser. But why are you seeing me with so high medal count while attacking. Defense and offense are not related. 

Maybe because your base was not attacked too often lately? Or not successfully? The algorithm that calculates the medal count is (or tries to be) adaptive. It would be way too simple to just factor all the towers and compute a number. The layout is important and can make or break a base. Since we can’t quantify the layout in the calculation, a history of how a base withstands attacks will also play a role in how the medals are calculated because this is much easier than just trying to figure out how good the design actually is.


Now, you are saying that those who attack you should see lesser. It is not efficient to store all the possible combinations between base - attacker, it is much more efficient to aggregate this in some numbers combining the history of successful / not so successful attacks.


All this talk could be completely false, This is how I would implement it, Flare’s system might be different. There are tricks as well, I can significantly alter the number of medals you see from my base without significantly weaken my defense. Also I noticed that monsters/troops don’t factor in very well when the base medals are calculated.

I do have substantial amount of raids but nothing i guess like the top people who are working on setting league records and are attacking people near them constantly.


In this case I still believe there is some disparity and I hope FLARE takes it from here.


Do MODS this this belongs to BUG section?


No, I don’t…I guess this isn’t a bug but only a “strange” (strange because we don’t completely understand) algorithm Flare use…maybe, if it’s possible, Jona could explain a little bit better how this algorithm works… :slight_smile:


But maybe you could write this issue (disparity in medal count) in the suggestions topic…

I can forward this directly to Jona but for now let see if any of the players can answer this question ,  I think Sorin have came up with some good reasoning too  :slight_smile:

I agree with Fii Nami and Jona is less present in these days due to incoming update…and I’m not so sure he will explain the algorithm…this is a sensation of mine…

I still believe this needs to be bought to Flares attention.

Moved this to the new improvement forum for now. I will evaluate this later.

Thanks Jona. This needs to be addressed I guess.