Medals for Conquest fights + bulk orders!

It would be great if Conquest raids were like War raiding where you get to see how many medals a base is worth and that you will get that amount of medals added to your league.

During Conquest I usually end up with about 0 medals in my league because all my time is going to Conquest, but not getting rewarded for raiding there.

The bulk attacking would be where you can issue an order for all members that are standing on the same tile all at once.


It would be nice if those fights rewarded us medals, but I’m afraid some guys would join into the fray…

Just to farm medals.

Although, I’d love if we saw the enemy bases medal value, at least to measure their base strength.

Nowadays, we can just look at their trophy which doesn’t mean anything.

Many on the top are probably dropping their trophies by several hundreds before a Conquest starts…

Just to fool the enemies into thinking they’re weak.

So my suggestion is, if we can’t test the enemy base on Conquest, nor win medals… At least do the following:

Show the medal count, even if the symbol is crossed (if we can’t win those medals), like this:

image.png image.png

Because right now, we’re joining the fray “blindfolded”