Medals Not More Than 29

anyone plz tell me why i am not getting more than 29 medals whenever i attack someone ???

if you lowered your trophies recently, you have to grow them again to see a good amount of trophies again.

My matchmaker gives me good opponents. 32 is the norm, but if i search in 2-3 attempts I will get somebody with 100+, 200+ or even 300 +.


a month ago i was on 2796 trophies but in war season i dropped down to 2400 trophies … But no i regained trophies and now i am now on 2841 trophies … But still i am getting only 29 medals ! This is the problem… From a month me gems backet is in range of 10-50 gems and i want to win in platinum leagues !


Keep changing the matchmaker till you get a better medal player.

how can i change my matchmaker ???

Kunal21, i do not know the exact algorithm here, but when I had such situation or others in my  guild, I suggest to increase trophy +200-300. I guess that could happen when you’re playing not on your expected rating.

okk thanxx i will try typ14 and if it do not happens then i will message u !!