Medals record progression in platinum league

I will show medals record progression in platinum league after the last reset (of almost 1 month ago).



So? It just shows that it slowly got harder and harder. No cheats needed to get that, just a bit of time, that’s all


Wasn’t SlowPolson banned from the game for cheating to get this record?

I thought that was in the Diamond League. That 400k medals looks like a real possibility to me. I just did the math and if he got 1200 medals per attack, it would only take him a little more than 14 hours. The Platinum League is 48…that ain’t cheating

Oh okay, I didn’t notice that.

I guess it’s fine then.

He banned but record is still here

impossible to do. A human need to do prepare food,take a shower, must go in bathroom,go to work,sleep during 8 hours,etc… Impossible for a human to play RR2 for 14 hours straight. Remember food need to recover over time. You need 3 hours to be full. Same at 1,200,2,000 or 4,000. Its just impossible. If the record was 100k ok at 400k doable only if you have money to lost to buy food so much and over 3 hours or more to lose. At this point better buy gems directly in shop i am sure that cost less

well, WN, it is possible that he just wanted his name to be seen. He may not have been going all for the gems. He could have vouchers saved up or used gems to fill up the silo. All he had to do was play 1 hour for every 3 and a half. It’s really not that hard to do

I use the calculator you need to do in 2 days 333 fight at 1200 medals. Maybe doable if you have farm perk and your raid cost only 20 foods. 70 fight by silo full. 70 fight X 3 minutes = 210 minutes. 3 hours 30 minutes of gameplay. Do it 5 times = 210 x 5 = 17.5 hours of gameplay needed. You must be really crazy or a no life to do it honestly. A normal person will never do this same if you really love video game

Top 10 with medal and Pro bonus get over 2000 medals per fight, some people will spend their lives breaking these records because they can.  Not impossible in any way at all.

at 2000 that drop at 170 or close. So yeah ok its more than possible

Medals record in platinum league was reset again this morning (in Europe).



400 000 medals per 2 days impossible? Why?

Probably Warriornator dislikes to buy food through gems and vouchers.

With which criteria does medals record reset in bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond league?

As i know its 1 time every 3 months.