realy you tell me how can a base that only give 28 medals be impossible to beat while a higher medal base is much easier ??? i thought the formulas for higher medals is when a base is harder but  in this case i just cant beat a 28 medal base where a 400 like base is easier ???

there are huge calculations to compatibilities with other players so this can be possible, or you changed your spells

Among many other cases and nuances, one reason might be the following…


Please note that most medals depend on towers, generally speaking.

If a player just removes most of his towers (e.g. leaves 4 of 16 towers in there and puts away all other 12 towers), and also shortens the path, then (at a comparable level of strength), it becomes very easy to beat and offers not many medals (e.g. the game says something like “ok, 3/4 towers missing, 2/3 way missing… let’s lower the trophies by 2/3 also”). Also, this is what is considered an “open base” or “straight base”. Such a base may still contain all wave troops. This base is likely to fall in trophies as it is easy to beat. For this reason, it will also offer even less medals.


Now, two things happen: 1. the already per-se weak base is considered even weaker, as it always got beated in recent battles, and as such is giving barely any medals; 2. the base appears in matchmaking for much lower/weaker players due to being lower in trophies.


For a weaker player, this originally higher base might still be very challenging (and even impossible to beat without several tries and a good strategy, as I have experienced for myself several times at several stages of my own progress). Why? First of all, lower trophy level means potential attacking kings have a much lower level (being effectively weaker). Next, the remaining few towers of such a base may be quite strong and high-level, and thus each of those provides a tough challenge for lower level players with weaker troops and spells. This is especially true when an attacker hasn’t yet had much experience with a particular kind of tower. Lastly, those “open bases” often have their full wave troops still in. High level waves alone can kill a considerably lower level attacker pretty quickly and will often overwhelm him, drive him back or at least hold him up until time runs out, especially in combination with a few single strong towers. Really, fighting against considerably higher waves is the most engaging challenge.

For all these reasons, a considerably weaker king might find it hard or impossible to beat the open base of a much stronger player that originally was much higher in trophies when “closed”/full defenses up. Still, a base almost without towers wll not give many medals (for reasons explained above).


To take it one step further, a base that was recently opened for a longer time, but currently just has been set up to full strength again, will still be rated quite weak (as it was weak recently and lost many battles), and thus it will still display somewhat few medals until the rating algorithm adjusts to the new full strength again.