Melee Unit that does Frost Damage?

I’d love to see Melee Unit that does Frost Damage.  Currently the only defensive counter to the Werewolf is the Froster, but what if Ranged Units aren’t right for your base?  I mean the Forster is literally the only counter since the Frost Tower has absolutely 0 value (even boosted!)  So I want a melee unit with Frost Damage. 

A lot was suggested about a monster who could deal frost damage and can be unlocked in the dungeon. In previous threads Yeti was voted by many of the users in the forum. He can deal ice damage and will also be a melee unit.

Yeah, I would like to see a cool frost unit!

Frosters are nice and all but they just don’t deal much damage and they die too quick, so I think another unit that’s the opposite would be awesome, deal a lot of damage and near impossible to kill  :grinning:

I like the idea of a Yeti.  I’ve love to see something that’s about 5 or 6 Morale cause we don’t have anything in that range. 

And because I don’t want just a short ranged Froster, I’d want to be sure this creature did NOT have a weakness to fire.  And did have a LOT of hit point.  Maybe weaknesses of blunt, normal, or poison. 

Normal would be a good weakness because now no units have it since paladins’ weakness was changed to ice. Yeti is not a bad idea, but if you want it to be worth 5 or 6 morale then don’t wait for it to have a high health, the other way to balance it would be making its damage very low, he can slow down enemies with each hit if you want, but then the damage needs to be very low in order to stop it from being overpowered.

we have cannon in 5 morale range. If you asked me then I would prefer 8 morale for it as I want it to be somewhat strong. Since the froster are used mainly to slow down units I would want yeti to be mainly a combat unit which deals higher damage then the froster. Like the wolf’s howl the yeti can summon a blizzard when it shouts/growl (it doesn’t inflict damage but only slows down each unit within its range). In the game “Pokémon” Abomasnow (based on yeti) has the ability “Snow Warning” which summons a blizzard whenever its called in the battlefields.

I would suggest a animal like’Armadillo’ low moral points,medium health,as it has a heavy shield in its back so would be able to deal frost and fire damage and its weakness will be only normal damage…


in other hand i want ‘mole’ which can go beyond boundary and deals some poison damage and weakness should be fire


Titanka, I like your thoughts!