Melt button

Cuando estoy mirando los ítems en mi inventario veo uno que quiero fundir, pero para hacerlo debo salir de la sala del trono e ir hasta la forja. Sería más rápido si solo hubiera un botón de fundir justo al lado del botón para forjar.

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the result: When I am looking at the items in my inventory I see one that I want to melt, but to do so I must leave the throne room and go to the forge.

It would be faster if there is was only one melt button right next to the button to forge.

? sounds 90% correct, greeetings

I disagree with this request. I would have melted so many items by fault, if this feature was there. 

Then would be fine if you had to confirm that you want to melt the ítem

I’ve wasted lots of money accidentally melting items.
The blacksmith melt button USUALLY takes you to the smelt screen, but on the inventory, it instantly queues the item and pays the gold to melt.

A confirmation button would be great!

I believe this was already implemented in the game. 

I wish a similar button would have been added to items in the granny shop. 

hehe, a “Buy and immediately Melt”-Button for Granny gg.