Melt objects-game crash

If I want to melt objects directly from the inventory in the throne room, the game crashes. The money needed to melt down will be deducted from my assets.

Hi Juji100,

Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the problem and working on it. Until the bug is not fixed please don’t try to melt your items that you have equipped (also on other slots).

However, as soon as you can see the “SELL” (“VERKAUFEN”) button (see screenshot below) you can melt the item (because that means that you don’t have this item equipped on any of your other slots) :grinning:

I don’t have the Button “Sell”  (verkaufen) bei einigen Items

você não tem o botão vender porque o item está equipado em algum slot, você não pode vender ou derreter um item que esteja equipado.

verifique onde o item está equipado A, B,C ou D e remova antes de tentar derreter