Hello guys, my itens are melting above time

The correct time should be 30pearls-2h5m

observe the screenshot

this is our “christmas gift” ?

Hurray… Let s celebrate…

Blacksmith is lvl 11 (Max).

every minute i lose pearls because of this “bug”

Correct it! FLARE!

Can you post a screenshot of your Blacksmith information window please, MunHa?


(the one that appears when you press the blue “i”)

Hi MunHa,

Strange, i mean with blacksmith maxed (so meltdown reduced to 10min) + 6 meltslots unlocked in your case (meltslots added are equal to 3min and 20s) for a total reduction of 6min 40sec. For 30 pearls you should have:

  • 6minx30pearls = 180min/60 = 3h
  • 40secx30pearls = 1200/60 = 20min

3h and 20min is your exact meltdown time for that item and seems it doesn’t match…so unfortunately I don’t know what could be the problem =(

i found the “problem”.

if you buy a slot, itens that already are in The line not suffer reduction. Only items placed after the buy.

my meltdown time is 4m10s

not 6m40s :grinning:

I saw increased time a couple times. But I watched it - and in result in that slot I got MORE pearls!


I wanted to complain long ago, but then saw that pearls was more and did not make a (second) screenshot.

I got level 10 smith with all slots and it says 5.30 mins per pearl so if I go 11 it’s 2.30 but on wiki it says 11 smith is 10 minutes per pearl and with all slots u get 5 minutes reduction so is game bugged now or wiki wrong

Or christmas? :lol:

The only christmas thing about smith in event is increased success chance they say :stuck_out_tongue:

I had 8 min, and it becomes 05:30


(lvl 10 + all slots)


Simultaneously with (gems for allies) turned on

Oh so it’s just a unannounced bonus then we’ll can’t complain thanks for info

hello friends. I was wrong.

The bug is The IMAGE of item that is being melting!

The image is duplicate of other item in line.

But the item that is melting is with The original amount of pearls CORRECT.

it just The image is wrong ok?



Hahaha, I just come to the same conclusion