If i need melt 200 uber chests-its become toooooooo annoying .

Open uber,go to BS,open slots,push slot ,choose 1 item,open another slot and etc

please fix it,its really not cool and take too many time( best if i can choose in inventory 8 items and push 1 bottom-melt all.after push SPEED UP ALLLLLLL



its really necessary to whining about everything? Sorry to ask that but there is something in the game you like? Since few weeks Ninja event is too easy. Special boost too strong is so easy, you don’t like melt system,you don’t like people who demand a refund,you hate Yeti too weak,you don’t like Winter items they suck,etc…Come on is not a contest who whining the most here. If you don’t like this game or don’t feel its enough challenging for you sorry but quit this game and go for another one who gonna feel your desire,etc…sorry if its not the case.Maybe this game its not for you or go in top 3 to have harder event,base,etc…

You can give your opinion on different thing in a constructive way or objective way but whining for everything its annoying for everyone who read you I guess




relax boy.

i asked @Alysea


ur opinion dsnt matter in this topic.

u dnt understan( seems on ur AT)-how its-melt 200 ubers.

wanna talk-make another topic,and discuss me)


wow you know I can reply like you did something like : You whining don’t matter on this forum :grinning: Got ya!!!

U can do all u wanna.

but better talk only about urself.

ok you want to play this card : my father is more strong that you, no its no me its you,etc… wow I do that when I was a kid 20 years ago. time to grow up. If you cannot take a little critic about what the other say on you. Forum its not for you. I just say stop whining for everything and if you want to talk to Alysea use private message. No need to create a topic where everyone can see you whining about everything. Do it discretely

Who r u to teach me?for me u nothing in this game( ur opinion dsnt matter here.

so ,really, calm down. If i wanna make topic i will do it)

I repeat,u can do all u want) i need only alysea replay.

and what you don’t understand in : Do it in private message? you want to talk to alysea do it via Private message and stop whining

you know why i interfere in your ‘‘topic’’? Because I am a direct person and I don’t turn around the pot. I am tired of all whining person who scrap each game like you did. I like RR2, I like Olympus Rising and others game but each time for a reason I still don’t know each day there is a whining person who come on forum and cry and scrap a game. On Olympus rising someone come and ask to reduce power of Zeus and Hades and that why in RR2 we have nerf and other worst thing with spells,etc…

Because Flare or others compagnie listen all the whining person on a forum and scrap each game with nerf and other bad stuffs. I don’t want RR2 be ruining because of you or the others. Ninja event too easy,Yeti too weak bla bla bla. Sorry but that make me :angry:

Like the game like he is right now and stop to want change everything.

and? what you want Alysea can do? give you 1000 slot space for free just because you have accumulated 200 uber chest? Flare give each extra slot for 1 gem? During a Uber Granny shop or Blacksmith the extra slot become free? to allow you to up at 5000 space slot? etc…Jesus sometime people don’t have any idea or what they write on forum its just wow!!! 

U even not read that i wrote?

seems u still child,really)

not i dnt need slots. I can buy all i need.

I hope they ll make another mechanism to choose gear to melt.

not 1 by 1(open BS slot,choose 1 gear,close,open another gear and etc) ,but choose 8 one click and they all will melt.

and i need button-in push on which u can speed up ALL 8 gears(slots) ,not 1 by 1.


really,u on low level,i dnt sure u even understand what problem i talked. 

Relax, just imagine there r some people,which dnt need anything for free)


You show my point thanks you I don’t need to go further

FYI Warriornator, Cromka can raid you without troops

After Mag, Shiroko, and now come to cromka, lol. :wink:

Genie & Master vs Vanguard League. 

Brought to you by Warriornator 2.


I know and? what your point?

Look what we have here when someone talk for the others :rolleyes: and like William and? what your point?

its too much to ask to able to formulate your opinion until the end or too much complicated?

Again? and? what your point? can your formulate correctly? I not have just that to do try to understand what you try to say

Sorry too long I have other thing to do to wait all night you find what you want to say

Ok, I will answer your “and”. You were crying a few weeks ago because Mag was “bully” you, but you don’t have a problem bully people on the forum. Cromka has a issue that effect him and maybe other top players. He has a right to post it here just like everyone else.


1st I don’t bully anyone here stop your paranoid. that was just a opinion if he can stop whining on everything. 2nd you just don’t have understand the topic. He ask to do something and change melting system he don’t talk about a issue. Wow seriously. sorry if its not that his english was not good. What I understand is he have 200 Uber Chest and when to forge 8 items at the same time to save time and change the click on a icon,click on item,click,etc…

NExt time read carefully the topic. He want to change melting system like everything in this game. Why I have ask to stop whining if that was a simple issue. 3rd if that was the case this topic should be in Bugs and problem section

I don’t know that a simplified multi pick is really simpler.

Since 99% of stuff comes out of chests.

Maybe having sell . Keep or melt on opening chests would expedite 90% of items received.

You have to open save anyway so adding a melt  would negate all the other steps

His issue is it’s taking him a long time to speed up his melt down and ask if they(Flare) can make it easier. You started on him vs talking about the topic.  I understand @Mag