MERGE with Kings Network, rank 864, lvl 60+ preferred

If your alliance is few in numbers and struggling to find members, then Merge with Kings Network, rank 864, gold bonus of 23%

We have already merged with a couple of alliances and have a very strong team of mostly 70-80+. We have 19 of 24 members (soon to have more capacity). Every member attacks more than 3times per battle in a war and we would expect the same in return. We are a friendly, supportive bunch, helping each other improve from around the world. General statuses will be returned to existing generals. We also run boosts constantly.

If you are interested post or add me in game. It will be a pleasure playing with you, I am BeardOfDoom.

Come over to [DARK KNIGHTS] we are mighty !

James the anointed general of [DARK KNIGHTS]

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