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  1. What you do not want for yourself, do not want for others.
  2. Harassing is cowardly.
  3. If you can not cope to ascend, it’s time for you to make a descent to your real level.
  4. The brave does NOT attack the same person.
  5. Do not forget, we will meet on the road.
  6. There is a lot of difference between you and me.

Well excuse me , but what is the point of this topic?


This is the most insulting thread lately in the forum.

You post a picture used for campaigning against child abuse/ harassment and equate it to a war game about raiding?

If you can’t take being raided in a war game, don’t play a war game. It’s a game. Nothing wrong with players playing according to the game rules.

Don’t degrade actual real life issues like child abuse/ harassment.

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Your profile-picture says so many things …

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this is an inappropriate post with no point… What is this post supposed to mean?..

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What is your ING…i feel the need to raid somebody🤔

How is this related to Royal Revolt 2-Feedback? Please explain…
If you have an problem regarding attacks, please go with Candy Crush and Subway Surfers… not a superhit war game like Royal Revolt 2

It is aimed at warriors who make attacks from 10 attacks to 20 attacks a day, to the same person. It is harassment and although the game is allowed, it is a message for those warriors who believe they are immortal, indestructible, but only repeatedly attack the same person. I just want to make these people see, that’s not right. If they want to continue harassing, harass that same person, but it is not the right thing, not brave but cowardly.

What is my ING? Are you one of those stalkers?

It’s not harassment even if they attack you 30 times a day. It’s part of the game. It’s in accordance to the game rules. Don’t be such a narcissist thinking that you are the moral benchmark of what is right or wrong. Also, stop using the word cause you are degrading actual harassment.

Well why not contact them in game??
They won’t see it here.

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I dedicate my profile picture.

THEY WONT SEE… as said by @Alumbri

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