Message of alliance visible to all


I thought it would be useful to be able to write a message of alliance (like the one that now exists and which serves the members of the alliance to agree on many things) visible to everyone outside. During the wars it would thus be possible to make agreements with other alliances on the map; one could write a status message; it could be used as an alliance motto; it would be useful. It may also be necessary to use a very small amount of gems to change it.

this would greatly increase the disloyalty in the wars and at a time when the players do not have fun at all considering the huge imbalance that there is in the game I think it would lead to disastrous results

Disloyalty is typical of those who are unfair. Everything is allowed in love and war. A covenant message can also be used to declare love. But it is highly unlikely that I would use it if I had to meet your alliance ;-). In the last war we were wedged by three alliances and despite being the strongest they crushed us. A visible alliance message that promised revenge would have been useful! It is easy to take slaps from three at the same time, but face to face is different.

I have seen this thing before too 

Last season,we fought an alliance “into the light”

The changed their first flag from Greece to Turkey’s flag.

My teammates were laughing at this message though.

They wanted us not to attack them on our next strike but we did and deafeted them.

So you can still use such innovative ideas to communicate with other alliances.???

Also I agree with @vasudeva1 there are many alliance that hurl insults on other teams.

Now imagine a feature where they can show message to other alliances ?

I guess I’m in favor of more trash talk in general.