message on top

What U think about this ?

Your idea is quite new, I think. But it´s true when not all everybody see and participate in the chat. The chat line in the game is sooooooo small, sometimes I forget its existence too looooool ;)) . I think flare should expand the chat line to be bigger, so I can clearly see it.

very good idea!!!

If they do that , welI  I can guess what  the next post is going to be…

“the chat window is soooooo big,  I can’t see my kings feet anymore, can t Flare narrow down the chat window”

Anyway if you’re in an alliance with lively memebers, you 'll look at the chat window, because it’s fun and usefull

Its not about increase of the chat window ... Its about the notification(some kind of alert), which is on top, immediately after entering the game

Hey, Foch asked for a bigger chat line, and Skat supported that


Guess for your question : during your first raid, Flare can maybe put a text balloon on top of your hero : blinking :  " Hey you forgot to read your alliance message/chat…please do so after this raid…" :stuck_out_tongue:

You stay funny Mickyoao :slight_smile:

thx Dena … You know me… I leave it up to you to typ out the long, really helpfull, answers , while I cause a diversion  :lol:

I would suggest to make the alliance message somewhat larger. It’s up to members to read it or not.

Every member gets a notification so there is no excuse when you didn’t read that message, unless that message still has been changed in the meanwhile.


Maybe a notification when a post is pinned so they can see the important messages.

yep, I still would like to see that notification as a text balloon on top of your kings head during first raid… and may I suggest you ll have to pay 5 gems to get rid of that balloon… and have it transformed in a gargoyle

your imagination is …
scary :grinning: