Message to Alpha Guard

Hey guys, so, you probably seen that I haven’t been on since mid yesterday, but here’s the problem. My laptop has once again found a problem on the hard-drive and I am unable to play :slightly_frowning_face: . I have no time table set for my return. You can probably imagine how frustrating it is to have this same thing happen to me, only 6 months after it happened back in October. Good news though, this time I saved most of my documents to OneDrive, including RR2, so when I do come back, I won’t have to wait for support. Thank you for understanding and I’ll keep you posted on what happens 

Hey AK, I was wondering why you were absent in the chat. We completely understand and if there is anything you need just give us a holler. Have a good one and hope to see you soon!

I could use some cookies and a glass of milk LOL

Unfortunately, your problem it’s happened during community week, otherwise I would have asked you to put mummies and necromancers in your waves until Friday or Saturday.

Okay, I’ve got some news, my computer still runs out of battery, so it is still alive and running, unlike last time where it never ran out, so that’s good news. So to go along with this I have more good news, I have successfully entered into the BIOS setup utility with some help from my older brother. Of course, with good news there always comes bad news and this is what it is: It is possible that there was just a glitch preventing me from accessing my laptop sign in or my hard disk has been damaged and has to be replaced again and I pray that’s not what it is. That’d suck. But just letting you know that there is hope that my laptop isn’t broken this time. I’ll be back for another update soon

How old is your laptop? Mine is >7 years old.

My laptop is less than 18 months old. It’s been 4 months since it was fixed last time too. Really frustrating

Update: Looking like I’ll have to get a new hard drive and disassemble and reassemble my laptop, which, in my opinion, sounds pretty cool lol, but apparently it takes about 10 minutes to fix once you get the new drive. So, I don’t know how it will be till I can get a new drive, but once I do, it won’t be long

About hard drive you must take care. Some like Barracuda offer huge data space until 10 and 12 TB but the problem is there are fragile and can broke at anytime. Can be good at 7200 RPM but are not really recommanded for video games

The best is if you can buy a Western Digital Black at 7200 RPM. They are the best for gaming. They are in top 3 of the best HDD in 2018

However if you play only Microsoft Store games the majority are saved on External HDD. So for a really long run they are the best.Sadly is not the case for RR2 but for others External are the best

If you want a PC gaming or laptop top performance the best is try to buy a little 250 GB SSD and install windows 10 on it. Your laptop will run faster and better

Good luck with your laptop :slight_smile:

Before you do something on that laptop on your own. You may want to consider it again.

Don’t you still have the warranty on it? Does it expire if you open it yourself? If that’s the case you probably should send it in and get it checked again. So you don’t have to pay for it.

But if there is no warranty on it anymore, go for it. Best of luck.

Hey ShiroKo, pretty sure the warranty has already expired, but I’ll check and make sure

What was the problem you had with the laptop the previous time it was repaired? What are the symptoms you get currently when you try to boot up the laptop?

I was certified A+ computer service once upon a time but I am a bit rusty now.

They’re both problems with the hard drive. This time it’s just a problem with the boot up system in the hard drive. I think it’s possible that the hard drive became disconnected or came loose a little. So I’m gonna take out the bottom of the laptop and see if that’s the case. If it’s not, I’ll just get a new drive or a CD-drive (which is cheaper, but I lose my ability to play CD’s and DVD’s). Hopefully it’s not the latter, but definitely will keep you guys updated as soon as I get new info