Message to developers

Dear developers,

I have been playing OR for 7 months now, and must say you guys created a very fun and enjoyable game. Thx for that!

Yet, i find it unfair, that you focus only to please the top 100-200 players in the game, just because most of them are pumping huge amounts of cash into the game. I’m not saying that they should be neigleted, but how about turning your attention to the mid section as well?!

Not all of us are paying real money to play this game, yet we, the “little fish” in the game have the majority among player counts.

I think it is time to be generous with us as well, and not favorizing only the ones who spend money to play (Ajax, Titan Chests…etc)

Also time to face the fact, that new players are not overflowing the game, so the “Titan system” is not working as predicted the way i see it. Not to mention that there may be players lvl 10-20, who already may have titan items on their heroes, while others who are playing the game for months still struggling to get decent items for theirs.

Would be a solution to pay with resources instead of gems for stuffs like these…?

We also enjoy the game, and spend days of our lives to play it. We ask for little things, yet reasonable stuff. Hope my message finds the right ears…

Sincerely: »»Gerger«« Four Horsemen - Officer ???

Hi Gerger,

Thank you for your honest impressions.

We actually care about all of our players and are constantly working on making the game more enjoyable for top players, mid-tier players and new players alike, no matter whether they spend any money on the game or not.

One reason why you can only open these Titan Chests with Gems or by inviting someone is that we want the Titan items to be very special. They are extremely powerful, even stronger than Godlike items and it shouldn’t be the case that players fully deck out all their heroes with Titan items in no time. This is also why you cannot simply buy them in the Item Shop, unlike for example the Godlike Item Chests.

There are still ways to get Titan items for free, simply by playing. All players get 2 Titan Chests per month via Daily Gifts. In addition to that it is possible to earn them in the Alliance War by getting a high amount of Victory Points.

Regarding Ajax: Everyone can get him. It doesn’t cost anything to unlock him. It just takes some time. Players who invite new players to the game by sharing their code can get him faster. Even if you don’t invite anyone you still get 1 Titan Point per day simply by logging in to the game.


I would just like to say that I share these feelings about the new Titan rewards system but I also felt a little blind sided with the prestige rewards update as well. Not only did it start costing gems to upgrade prestige items, it costed ALOT. I personally have invested real money into this game (guilty pleasure ?) but I certainly felt that my investment should’ve taken my experience much further than it did. And in correlation, as an amateur gamer it’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that I’ve put in enough to purchase multiple console games with bells and whistles attached. Let me be clear I’m not knocking the game because if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t have played for so long or invested in it, I’m just saying whether someone has spent their money or not take care of your fans, at the end of the day we are what makes a product successful. Don’t we deserve a little more kick back?