Message to GalaMorgane

Hi Gala,

I appreciate that you locked that thread, however as the post was described as a witch hunt I’d like to point out that the reason I posted here was because under the newest iOS system on iPhone 7+ the ticket submission page doesn’t support image upload hence I asked if the admin can pass the info on to the FG team.

now this was a very simple situation:

Problem found - trying to submit ticket - page doesn’t support image - ask admin in forum to pass on info

no internet drama needed.


FG will most likely expect you to use another device with Internet to upload the image.

So if you have trouble getting the image transferred from your iOS device to something else I would not be too surprised if they will leave it up to you to figure out how to upload anything anyway.

Frankly don’t be too disappointed if nothing comes out of your efforts.



Guess you should create a topic solely based on your issue regarding uploading pics, rather than telling the reason of your tickets, in this case regarding a potential hacker or not 

Gala morgane  watch me nae nae nae  watch me watch me!!!

Hey there, 

Thanks for letting me know. 

The fact that you cannot send pictures is an issue on itself. Could you try to click on the “Go to full site” link at the bottom of the submission page? Can you, from there, send pictures? If not, then please send a ticket to Support mentioning this issue, they’ll be able to investigate it further. 

As @CaptainRoyalRevolt mentioned, if you cannot access it via your own phone, could you try on another device? Your laptop?

In terms of reporting others, as I said, we are not here to hate on each others. That you suspect someone may behave in a strange way, fair enough. But the forum is not the place to do so. How would you react if someone were to come on the forums and report you because they think you are a hacker and that everybody is all of sudden shaming you and blaming you? It’s not a cool thing, right? We want the game to be fair for everyone that’s for sure. Just, in the right way and by that I mean reporting players to Customer Support  :grinning:


Is there a possibilty of events calender beforehand?

I did try go to full site, it didn’t work. :slight_smile:  

Asking in the forum is quicker and easier than sending them to another device and try again see if it works, because forum would always work.

my letter was concerning that particular account’s activity, its not like i was publicising the player’s personal info/details regarding privacy.

i did not ‘HATE’ on others, there’s zero need to make exaggerations please.

i was simply reporting a suspicious account with regard to the account with evidence, no hate involved, no need to enlarge the issue that’s already made dramatic.

i asked for investigations, and possibly the outcome (hence I recognise that could be a legitimate player with a small probability, as I stated in discord at the very start, not that matters to you) I did not encourage or ask FG to straight ban the account in anyway plus I believe FG wouldn’t ban accounts without checking account history out of professionalism.

regarding your rhetorical question to me, if I’m suspected to be a hacker with evidence provided in the forum, first of all I wouldn’t consider this ‘hate’, secondly I would trust FG to investigate rather than ban accounts straight away like a couple of others suggested has happened, thirdly if I have the time and interest I would explain for the suspicions, not that I have the responsibility to.

its like saying, if the public suspects a company of tax evasion, the media can not get involved to put pressure on the government to look at potential corporate corruption just because putting the relevant company under spotlight is a form of hate?

too much PC and internet drama.


I was never disappointed that nothing came out of my efforts since I never negatively complained the ticket page doesn’t support image upload. I only stated it as what happened and why I didn’t submit the ticket, no emotions involved. What I did was finding an alternative to address the issue which was just as easy as trying on another of my iOS device which I’m certain will work for image upload.