Have not been raiding normally for a few months due to boredom (just doing ninjas and pro league) and I can’t beat people I used to beat easily. I think I am an ok raider that usually place top 100 in pro league, occasionally top 30. Have all spells (meta ones like tc,fire,blitz,shield etc) and troops (knights,monks,ogre,wolfs etc) maxed level and maxed forge. I mainly use Ceres but I heard it’s nerfed so I switched to Aska. Results are not good. What do people usually use nowadays? I am using tc,blitz,shield and wolf,ogre,knight and aska all maxed forge and level and kept getting rekt. Used to be unbeatable and even able to beat top 10 base (before the Ceres nerf) Guess I am outdated. So, what’s the new meta troops,spells,pals? 

Pal flute is the new meta

I suggest to replace ogre with archer or paladin (only if they are double or triple boosted).