Metalheads Looking For Strong + Active Members

Metalheads alliance is level 38, and looking for 6 active members. We’re a friendly group of people, and we accept members from all nationalities, however we mostly speak English.




At least 3,000 trophies

Minimum donation of 75k (and donate regularly)


Boosts (during war): Tough Barricade, Storm Cannon, 

Boosts (upon request): Knights, Paladins, Power archers, etc. (Within reason)




Hey, I know I don’t have 3k trophies. I have been playing for only 32 days. I am level 51. I have level 6 alliance tower, but I have 2800 gems and I am waiting for it to go on sale to upgrade it. I am very active as I quit clash of clans for this game. Was max th10 in that game. Let me know if I can join.

If u want I can help u if they won’t let u join sorry I know this not my post p.s I have add u with my alt account “dark1264” we can talk more in fri me list thank and sorry


Sorry BeachHumper, but we are pretty strict about donation limits. Feel free to apply when you have upgraded your alliance tower and have at least 3k trophies.

A few spots still open, and we just took 1st place in wars so we have 3 war boosts active

Looking for 4 members for the upcoming war. If you meet the requirements please join, and we will take first place!