Method for cursing unique items sucks

To date I have spent three 5 star Titan items, 30,000 gold and 3,000 gems to curse 3 items in an effort to get a better one. The first time I did it I thought that it would simply improve the item I was cursing, as I liked the item and the hero it belonged to. Then I end up getting an entirely different item that went to a different hero. The second time I knew what I was getting into. But the challenges are ridiculously long. The first time involved having to take part in a minimum of 2 wars. The second one required taking part in a minimum of 2 Odyssees. And the last one required me to take over 500 islands. So in each case I spent the 1,000 gems to get the item early. The problem is that the item I got this last time was Perseus mirror shield. And I say it is a problem because I already had one that was better than the new one. I say better because I had spent a great deal in wisdom to refine the item so that it had three qualities instead of the usual two. So I’m obviously a bit peeved for the great cost that everything is costing only to get something that isn’t as good as what I already had. I have spent roughly $350 of my hard earned money purchasing gems since I started playing this game. Two war seasons ago everyone in my alliance received gems at the end of it. But I did not. I only recently learned that everyone had received gems after that war season. Then to get an item that I already have after wasting a 5 star Titan object, 10,000 gold and 1,000 gems on is just too much - especially when the original one is better. I’d like to know what other players think of the refining and cursing system. And if the mods want to do something to correct this, my user name is Benedict Donald. And the alliance I belong to is Gardarica.

The top shield in the pic is the new shield that I received and the bottom shield is the one that I refined.

I’m surprised they haven’t added some kind of better description or warning text to cursing yet. It’s been an awful long time that they’ve kinda admitted that it’s at least something of a problem.

Yes. Very few people even know about the ability to curse. And those that have heard of it don’t know how to do it. I recently explained the process to people in my alliance that had been playing much longer than me. It is in part due to there being no mention of it when someone forges an item that they are equipped with. I only started playing with it when I forged an item that I wasn’t equipped with. Only then did it give the option to curse. But there were no instructions telling me that I wouldn’t get back the same item. And there was nothing to tell me that there would be a very long challenge attached to it. The worse part though was getting an item that wasn’t s good as the one that I had refined. The original shield that I refined had a protection against physical damage of 43,525. The new shield only had protection of 40,755. Out of curiosity I checked to see what I could get if I forged the new shield. If I’d been willing to use a 5 star titan item and spend 10,000 gold the shield would have increased to 43,572. So there would have only been an improvement over my original shield of 47 points. I’m going to attach a pic in my original post for the mods to see.

Aside indeed not having much info on everything in the game, it’s always wiser to ask before doing something, especially expensive. Do not assume, it’s not this kind of a game. There is a confusion also when re-refining a unique which already has added perks. I am definitely not spending a gold item and resources to “try that out”, and there have been many incidents that the community is required to discover them, but the process is painful, and I disagree. That’s why is wiser to come here and ask, even ask the developers in the monthly questions before attempting anything. That’s a good thing. Most of us here, have learned this the hard way. I totally maxed out a gold item, which is extremely expensive, only to find out I didn’t have to, I could have done it with 1*… So I know what it feels to waste gems/resources. Especially 5* titans… I used 15 of those, which I could have found a much better use. That’s my biggest mistake in the entire game for almost 3 years

However, on the process of the unique refining, I think it’s mostly correct. The idea is just to get a unique… maybe the only problem I find is that it could be exactly the same, because it’s not what I want. If you want the same better one, you just use your 5* titan to improve it. So there is no point for getting the same. On the other case of the requirements, it has to be something really tough, because it is a unique. If the double/same unique was not in place, then I think 2 wars/Odysseys is just fine… just don’t do it on the break of war, because it will take you 3 weeks. if you do it 1 day before the war or 1 day before the Odyssey, it can take maximum 10 days which is not so bad.

Now ending this subject, at some point we will all have all the uniques. Just spoke with a friend yesterday, he doesn’t have Hercules cape only, and I don’t have Ajax vest… which is pretty normal (we both have a lot of doubles or more). So the real question as I have mentioned, is what do we do with the uniques, and we need to find a better usage for them.

As I have spent more than $350 buying gems, (probably closer to $450) I think it behooves the people involved in creating the game to put in some measures that a) reward people that do actually spend their hard earned cash and b) have in place a system that does not punish those that do so. I mean seriously, how hard would it be to have a system in place that upon receiving a double, a person could have a do over that would not cost them gems, gold, or 5 star Titan items. And why not make it so that a person could sell a unique item for gems rather than gold. Or at least make the gold that one would get for selling it a reasonable amount. When you curse an item you have no idea what challenge you will get. So planning it just before a war begins does not help if the challenge involves Odyssees. Though I do see your point. But someone would only think of that if they understood the process - which most do not since the process is never explained. In my previous alliance I twice asked if anyone knew how the cursing process worked since I didn’t want to spend the 5* Titan item and 10,000 gold to find out for myself. And each time no one responded. So I have to assume that no one had ever tried. I refined the unique item because I had an existing refined item that had out grown it’s usefulness. So rather than sell it and get pennies on the dollar for what it cost me to refine, I thought I’d be better off using the now useless refined item to refining the much better unique item. Instead of costing gold to upgrade the unique item it costs instead wisdom, which is harder to generate. Given what I’ve spent on the game, I don’t see why the masters of the game cannot simply give back the 1,000 gems I spent trying to figure out a game that they haven’t supplied instructions for. Because I will not spend another dime on a game that pulls such stunts. 

I don’t know what how much money you’ve spent has to do with anything. I don’t even know if spending $350 makes you a big spender or not. Some people have spent thousands on this game. 

The idea of a curse do-over for gems is an interesting one, with gem costs increasing each time like they do with Re-rolling masteries. 

An important thing to remember is that uniques are good, but they’re not game breaking. They’re also not particularly rare. You can go for long stretches without getting one, and then get 3 in a month. It’s just how it goes. Get out of the mindset that you need a specific unique to be successful. You don’t. For all the expense it costs to curse uniques and upgrade the ones you use, you could be forging and refining tons of normal gear which always leaves you with Titan items you can forge with again later. Chasing uniques is frustrating and just fundamentally doesn’t make your account any better. There are only a couple of uniques that are hands down better than a well forged Titan item in the same slot. Free your mind. 

Since going to university (thats almost 20 years), I’ve played online a total of 4 games… counting those played over 2 years minimum. I have never spend $$$ to even buy games (pc). I was against that. I love the philosophy to be able to compete on equal terms with spenders. I think this has grown in the mobile/tablet gaming industry… because they get the masses to follow/play, and then get the payments from those who love the game. Coincidentally, even against my usual beliefs, I have spend on all 4 of those games. 

You are getting rewarded. Maybe you don’t see it as a big enough reward, but with gems, you can speed up anything, which means you don’t wait. Essentially you buy time, be it construction, forging, buying chests (rather than waiting for resources or items), leveling up, even conquering islands. So I don’t think there is an issue of not rewarding or punishing anyone here. You are getting ahead of others, by huge time margins… eventually they will catch you. This game is actually the worst for me, in that balance of payers - non-payers… but that’s my opinion, based on other games i have chosen before… which payers had a more decorative approach, or some speeding up (but not so huge to the extent of OR)

I do agree that the “guides” or rules or generally the info should be better. But in the mean time, everyone should try to work with what they have, collectively in groups/forums. As many alliances do, we have chat rooms on various subjects and people ask for guidance on any subject. It helps enormously. 

I personally think this really does need looking at again; it’s not the first time that this subject has been brought up by different players and thus is a source of annoyance.

I get that it is technically free to unlock the cursed unique chests so great, but that being said the tasks take far too long. Maybe make them double the standard titan chest and not the usual 2 week wait or the life sucking 500 islands chore.

For lower lvl players who haven’t got so many uniques, there is a good chance that a cursed chest will bring a new unique, however on the upper scale, a player who has for example 90% of them, it’s almost impossible to obtain the last ones. 

At the top lvl its very hard to take on a TL base without some uniques - or you’ll need to spend an absolute fortune trying to recreate the same perks and stat levels. For example, there are 2 heroes I can’t consider for war in TL as I’m missing their unique item(s). I feel this restricts the gaming experience. 

Furthermore many players including myself spend gems on these cursed uniques chests - and to get 5 duplicates in a row really does suck donkey b~lls.   I feel that there should be a mechanism to avoid REPEATED duplicates especially in the cases where gems are spent.  Maybe something like 4 duplicates and the next WILL be original would be a much better idea. 

@Madlen please consider this as it currently appears a scam to many players. 


Is the 2 week wait really that long? It’s never bothered me. 500 islands you can do in less than 2 weeks, aslo.

Taking a regular green item to 5* titan without using gems takes about a week. 2 weeks to do a unique isn’t that bad.

Yes it’s great if you’ve been playing 3+ years and have them all…congratulations. But I’m non-elite! :slight_smile:  

Well it is two weeks with an unknown outcome in the particular unique and its strength + the cool 10M.

It can get frustrating that’s why I haven’t used it much after getting Perseus’ boots TT …

I didn’t say I had them all, I just don’t think it’s worth 1000 gems to uncurse them early. I’m more patient than that. I don’t think the 2 week wait is that long. You just do other stuff and then … hey! The chest is done.

But I also think most uniques are fairly underpowered, so I don’t base my heroes around needing them.

When someone reaches level 125 and above it is not nearly as big an issue as it is for someone around the 100 ascension level since the higher level player can accumulate gold and wisdom, and ambrosia much quicker. As well, the alliance level/rating a person belongs to also plays an important part of the equation since a higher rated alliance will no doubt have more trophies accumulated and therefore will have a higher gold rating. So someone at ascension level 100 that is part of an alliance that only has a 70% gold add on will not accumulate gold nearly as quickly as someone with ascension level 135 that belongs to an alliance with a gold plus rating of 105%. This also calls into question Dumpster’s claim that a person can easily take over 500 islands in 2 weeks. Yes, someone that is an elite or who is at level 125 plus and who belongs to an alliance in the top 25 might be able to take over 500 islands in 2 weeks since they accumulate gold, wisdom and ambrosia at a much faster rate. But not everyone has the time to take over 20 islands on a daily basis. But even if it is done, to get a duplicate that is not as good as the one that a person already has means the 5* titan item and the 10,000,000 gold is wasted. And if you decide to sell the item you get pennies on the dollar. For example, I would only get 32,199 gold for the duplicate of Perseus mirror shield that isn’t as good as the one that I already had. So I spent 10 million gold and a 5* Titan item for a unique item that only has a resale value of 32,199 gold. But since I spent 1,000 gems to get the item early it also cost me that much in gems. It seems to me that there are some easy fixes. And there’s no reason for it not to have been fixed before now. Since none of the mods have added any input to the conversation I think it is pretty clear that the people in charge have no intention of doing anything about it.

My bet is that it’s a really good source of income for FG, as a lot of players chase (spend 1k gems each time)  that elusive unique that never turns up, but instead you get 6 Asterion boots and 5 Medusa shields…

Where did I say it was easy? I said it was possible to do in less than 2 weeks. Which it is. The others require at least 2 weeks for now, although I haven’t done the math on doing all 12 skull odysseys. I guess it’s theoretically possible that some day it will b possible to do the war curse in one week if you’re fighting max level guys on high skull islands. 

Pro-tip: If you stop upgrading uniques when you level up, it’s way nicer to get a duplicate! Saves resources and solves the problem of duplicates!

I agree with the pro-tip. I just wish I’d known about it sooner. I keep seeing the same gaming tips show up on the screen that I saw the first day that I started playing. If they can have those continuously pop up, why can’t they have something for cursing items? Anyway, thanks for the input.

Confusion and disappointment around cursing Unique Items is definitely a recurring theme. We are discussing alternatives and/or improvements, and many good ones have been suggested, the bare minimum to try and prevent getting dupes from dupes. We also understand that we should dedicate some time to better explaining the process in-game.

Is it hard to build an algorythm to auto-detect all uniques we got (normal and refined uniques)? So we can be 100% sure that it won`t be a duplicate…

I wouldn’t work that way… is natural to get 2 same uniques, or 6 same uniques. Eventually you will get all uniques, I recenlty got one I didn’t have, and I think there are 2 left… it’s been a long time. No complaints. What matters is to find a usage for them, if they can solve this to a good extent, then everything else is as intended… to be a bit difficult to get uniques (or a specific one). If you change the duplicate effect, then it’s unfair for anyone playing the game before that change in my opinion. 

Though I wont be against it, it will be unfair. The real challenge is either to find a better way to exchange them, or simply find a usage of them. I tend to like the latter, because we will keep getting uniques, for ever. As long as you play the game. So if you fix the unique, what happens when you have all of them? You start for a new set of uniques, without the possibility of getting one 3 times or it triggers something that makes it possible to get anything from then on? There is no reason for me to fix something else, but to gain something out of those olds ones, it is something nice and progressive for the game. We have mentioned a number of ways, though I would like to list them here, I think CM has them in mind. I will add two more insights though:

  1. I don’t use the cursed option anymore. I used it a long time ago (3-4 times actually). I don’t badly need anything, although I would love a new shield or CD uniques. The cost is expensive, and the 5* titan can be used to upgrade an existing (like i said I have all but 2). So it doesn’t make sense.
  2. I don’t even upgrade them anymore… again there is no point, I build my heroes around other things, I have argued that in many cases, they aren’t so good, compared to what you can achieve with a refining… plus there is a chance to get the same unique, better on your current level. If you badly need to upgrade, sure… if not, what’s the point ? I wanted to upgrade my two hercules uniques… both aquired  before 131, probably way before. I recently got a new fb unique… and the other one, well it serves the purpose, though if I upgrade it, we might be talking 50% more damage and 50% more demo… still, not a war hero, I stopped using him much. So no need. Helen, I was planning to upgrade her unique, to get the CD up, I got a new one, the same week I was thinking about it… if you are patient, you always benefit. If it’s cruicial, (daily use, AP - no easy/fast alternative), by all means upgrade a unique. Again, how often? It needs some planning, like we said in the refining discussion.
  3. 5 titans are pretty expensive. Let’s face it, the old system, allowed you to use strong items, and keep a certain amount of power in them, making them re-usable for a further purpose. Now, you just have a star system around, which means you can’t use what you just made in the same sense. It’s the same if I super forge, or simple forge… Building a titan with 5* titans greatly increased the value before, therefore you made it stronger… now it’s just a 5* titan which will give you 2% more. I loved it when I replaced a 5* with an existing 1* to 2* forge: and it was stronger… now the process is painful. To conclude, I am not saying that the old system was better, but it does make the new system much more dependable on titans… which is the reason I personally have stopped using 5* dismantles for the most part, especially not before I reach 150 level. And even at that point, it’s still debatable if you are able to do that, for so many items/heroes.

Therefore, making use of uniques will solve a lot of problems. It wont unbalance the game. Because a unique is so rare, it wont change much if you use it once in a while. I’ve discussed with some guys here, about making titans more frequent. Like a full chest with 5 or 10 titans, maybe at the end of the war (last chest), maybe by purchasing an offer or even on Odysseys. I think that would be bad, it will ruin the balance. But I think we all agree, that titans need a small boost… this might just be it… it’s so rare, it changes nothing, but the usage of one such item, can have a good benefit with minimum cost… instead of making 5* titans, or re-cursing or upgrading… by using the luck we got a unique, you already have the balance factor. What I choose to use it for, can be part of a strategy or tactic.


Is it still a thing where you can curse a unique and get the same unique back?