Method for cursing unique items sucks

@Archimides in this panel we can have Titan chests that contain 10/11 titan items for a price of 250-300 gems. Wouldnt this be useful too? Regarding uniques, that algorythm can do the job as long as you dont have all uniques, once u get them all, it becomes “grey/unavailable to curse” uniques…unless re-rolling existing uniques could be a 2nd option.

Yes, I once put in an apple and got out an apple. 

That might be the best luck anyone’s had in the game. Unless you have 3 apples or something. Which would be even better luck!

That’s exactly what I had :slightly_frowning_face:

To be clear, it should not be the case that you curse a Unique and get the same Unique back, that is what we will investigate and hopefully fix. We do not_ currently_ plan to prevent duplicate Uniques altogether, they can be changed up via refined item forging so that you have two different Unique Items, or in the case of the Apple, they can be used twice on your Heroes. We don’t plan to take these options from players.

We are also having discussions about potential other uses for the Uniques.

Well I hope you played the lottery that day. That’s a lot of low probability draws going your way (or not, as the case might be). 

@Neptune are your numbers correct? 250-300 gems for 10 titans is a steal. In any case, I think we discussed it in the past, or was it with someone else? More titans, and more easy titans, would ruin the fun. Of course I want more… I love titans, but I think it would change a lot and not for the better. Thats my opinion.

As it is, the 750 gives you 1 and some gold items, the offer hero pack is 600 gems and has 1 titan plus several gold, maybe 15-20 if you are lucky, so what you suggest, has to be like 5k gems. The hoard offer is 2200 or so, and has 6 titans with not so many other items.

I think I like Captain Morgan’s response. Re-cursing of course can’t be the same, other than that, hope the “usage” is done pretty soon… like next update! Please!

I`m totally speechless. Whatever u say! pff


No…wait… I should thank u big time coz u`re saving me from the temptation to spend real money on gem packs to buy those titan chests if they were available for 300 gems each, so Thanks!

@Neptune Hahaha… I am also tempted to spend for the same reason. I would be spending 300 gems every day for that deal. But if they lower the price of the offer deal for the 14k gems, I might be tempted. Its been very difficult not to spend gems to finish some important forges… I am very low on gems, and now rely on war prize and raids solely, because I do not get attacked at wars, at all.

But honestly… do you think 300 is a fair price compared to the other offers? Lets say people want it, and devs agree… I wont argue against it, just that my opinion, it wont do good in general. I would be welcoming such a deal, I just feel it will never happen, not for that price at least.

I simply noticed that from purple to gold, those chests get increased by x2 their value, from 75 to 150, that`s why I assumed 300 gems but anyway.


You are right about that, but you also said 10 titans , which is not the case for those chests. That’s how I calculated my numbers. If you said 300 for a titan chest, which contains at least 1 tan, I wouldn’t be so surprised, its a huge difference, maybe I understood you wrong???  I hope you understand what I mean. I value each titan at about 500 gems (its also the price on the hoarder pack). You can see the “hero oriented” chest which is 750. A bit expensive, but you get the hero items. Its expensive because the hero pack is 595 with more items, but on the other hand, it’s always there, every 8 hours if you have gems to spend, so again fair game, smart and useful in times of need. Finally titan forging, can have a bit bigger forging boost, therefore some more value.

Just how I think about it. I feel prices are good for the chests and the offers, except the gems you buy…