Mid-Season Promotion

during this season, alliance “Rise of Kronos” was promoted between war 1 and war 2 to God League. The transition was very welcomed, but we did not receive the gem compensation for promoting to the next higher league. We were in Demi-God League in war 1 for this season and automatically moved to God League. It would be nice to have the 2k gems per member that is associated with the seasonal rewards since we only received Demi-God rewards. I understand seasonal rewards are based on completion of season, but if we moved up after only one war, I think the team should still receive the gem compensation.


Usually team advancing to next league in the middle of a season don’t get gem rewards.
Team only get war blessings but no gem rewards.
Captain morgan mentioned this in old threads.
Here is one such link.

I’m not sure if we got the 1k gems, because it was at the same time we had the war bugs and got gems back. I think I got 1k then 1.5k then 1k again. So I thought the last 1k was for going up a league, but maybe not.

Those were compensation for war bugs zhadess.

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My team has been auto promoted in the past also. You get the gem reward at the end of the season as you would normally. My only complaint about the system was, if we had then been relegated back to demi-gods, we’d only get the demi-gods gem rewards and not the extra 2k for getting promoted.

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You don’t get the gems, but if I remember right you get given enough torches so you’re placed in the middle of the pack, which makes it pretty likely that you will be able to end the season without relegation.

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I guess my point is we got promoted to God League after only one war. If we were still in DGL, we would have the opportunity to get a 4K promotion bonus, and if we get relegated back to DGL, we will receive 2k. Seems misplaced… if we were promoted based on season, we should at least receive a settlement of 1.5k gems as we are pushed into 3/4th of wars in the GL current season.

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Yeah it’s weird. They didn’t expect the mid season promotions to happen as often as they do.

I guess the takeaway is don’t get relegated.