Mimic Other Games Please

It wouldn’t hurt for RR2 to mimic some of the other “free” to play games that are not of this fomat but of this content.One game in paticular is Castle Age most popular on Facebook. I would like the devs to take a look at not the style as it is not a live action game its mostly press and click but look at the set up of it.Note there are almost three differnt games in one.Theres players who play the game and are completely unaware that other players who exist yet manage to compete and climb the ladder at steady pace.Example: Players have the option of only paticipatning in quests and PvP inter action which in RR2 = dungeons and tournaments There are players who only monster slay which is a feature with in the dungeons portion of RR2 I would love to see added.There are players who center themselves around nothing but guild paticipation.Each of these style players rise in LVL and rarely interact with each other as the content in each individual play style is so exstensive.This also leads to clear cut standings.if you examine Castle Age you will see that there is a clear cut seperation between low mid and high lvl players each having enough content at their respective lvls to justify being interested in not only playing at the lvl they are at but gives incentive and a bridge to move to the next lvl.There are also ways high lvl gamers can assist mid and low lvl gamers in reaching high lvl gamer status in the form of gift giving which is something I’d like to see added to RR2 as well.If the devs don’t wanna help the players who don’t have much money to spend then at least let the higher lvl players and players in general be able to help each other.I would also like to see a feature added where instead of selling old gear back to grand ma create a format where you can sell old gear to guild mates at the same cost of in game gold when selling it back to granny. Also add more dungeons as a way to lvl up while in the pocess of improving your base or a way to keep interest in the game when guild raids and tournament raids arent yielding many results.In addition i would like to see a better player opponent search engine spenging gold to search for opponents isn’t exactly winning any points with the gamers and the format in which you search for opponents via the trophy icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen is tedious and a long way to go to find one feasable opponent who is possibly on your level one day it took me almost an hour to sift through opponents to the point of emptying my silo if i’d have used gold to find these oppnents i would never have any. i understand that these games are meant to make the people who created them money. But Flare could take a que from the games like castle age that have been around since facebook was created and take some notes on how to ceate an award winning game that has great earning potential as well as a never ending supply of player participation and above all longevity.Some of these suggestions may be hard to implement as i said before RR2 is a live action game but some of the content already present mirrors click and press games so closely already that some of these suggestions should only be a minor inconvinience.