Mind the Gap

So, new update. What about the Gap to Top-Groups?

It seems all new 5 Pro-Boosts can be renewed till they can be won again.
Meaning: Top-groups will try and keep up all 5 new boosts simultaneously all the time. (And probably can spend a lot of gold for it)

It will be even harder for good players from other groups to beat those bases. More advantages for the heavy organized spenders. As if they did not have enough of those advantages with Level 10 Beasts, Beast Boost and high Alliance level advantages, higher donation bonusses, and and and.

Gap is getting bigger. Not good at all! :angry:

Flare, this is seriously going in the wrong direction! Don’t suck the fun out of the game.

I’d like to see their cost first and basically how easy (or hard) they will be obtainable for alliances, not only top ones. Time will tell, maybe it won’t be that bad, we will find out soon :slight_smile:

Don’t need to attack those top troops.  There are lot of alliances who will not get those boosts.  You now better be member off an top +100 ally than in top 20 ally.  In top 20 ally you meet almost every war a top team

You are of course right, Mags. But my guess is this will be a way to get collect gold from those alliances.

Cromka and others have been bragging enough here how much they can make and that gold is generally not a problem at all. And now they can convert their extra non-donateable pals into gold too.

But I want to. And my Matchmaker wants me to attack them too.

If we want compeet against the top alliances with their gold and boosts, lower alliance players should think in other way.  I see in lot alliance a few members bought subscription.

If all those members go to 1 alliance, they have same possibility and opportunities as top alliances.  We only have to change mentality.





Further divide into paying and non paying alliances?

Should paying members leave their friends to team up with other spending players? That is your solution? 

No thanks!  :slightly_frowning_face:

This is one game but indeed Flare seems to like to establish two classes by widening the Gap. They should not forget: Many engaged players do play because of their friends they like, not because how much money they spend. That is just a minority. Minorities can not support a game, even if they spend a lot.

For any commercial company this is their mantra:

"Money talks, the rest walks’. FG will not change it’s tune.

Have you ever changed the station because you did not like a song?

Only helpful if that other station is not yet another commercial one…

I didn’t say you have to leave your friends, but it is a solution.  If only 1 or 2 members buy a subscription in a team, what use have it?

You only spent money for less result.  When you do it with 50, you got for 50 € 15 k gems and 70% goldbonus.  If you buy subscription it is a thought you can think about.  In real live i think you want also the best for your money.  I don’t buy subscription now , but when there are 50 or more members who will, it is a consideration worth.  

At Vanguard and other topalliances, where money is spent, they found the best solution for spending the least money to get the most gems.

And sorry if i’m rude, but in alliances where only 1 or 2 spent money on subscriptions they spent money for nothing.