Minor Animation Bug - beast shadows

above is a demonstration of the bug

Shadows of the beasts don’t match, also some beasts don’t have shadows

It’s not a bug. The transparent shadow of the beast foresees the form of the beast once you’ll donate 50 pals of that specific pal. Once you’ll donate all the pals required to unlock the beast the shadow will reveal the real aspect of the beast. (the pal evolves into a beast)

The fact that a beast has no more a shadow it’s because you have already unlocked the beast.

Right, it’s like when flare was introducing the new Viking Troop. They gave us a black outline and had us guess what it would be

thanks for the reply oPelle,

but I don’t get why the shadow behind a beast is that of the beast to the left/sometimes second to the left.

For instance in the picture I posted, why is voracious eldrak’s shadow behind nidhog when voracious eldrak is just next door? (i.e.to the left)

Here’s another example:

The shadow behind Irmgard is savage Tammy, it’s not foreseeing the form of Irmgard’s beast.

Looking at the first picture I posted you’ll see the shadow behind nidhog is voracious eldrak and the shadow behind Aska is awakened aki, they’re not the shadows of their beast form :slight_smile:

Because the beast forms of Niddhog and Aska are the same as Eldrak and Aki. It is not a bug :slight_smile:  

I see  cheers AK

of course… Irmgard has the same model as Tammy too…

Yeah Flare is lazy as hell with their pal/beast designs. It’s really lame when the only difference in models for Howl, Growl & Ceres or Tammy, Phoebe & Irmgard is the color palette. All while numerous users have given them countless DIFFERENT pal design ideas.

And to be fair, I would be fine with that… BUT when they introduced the new all-white skins for pals, that became annoying imho… 'cause now with the white skin one can no longer tell apart different beasts that share the same model and only used to differ by their skin… :S

#Edit: Anyway, I consider the issue of this topic to be resolved - beast shadows indicate beast shape rather than pal shape, and are only visible for beasts not unlocked yet which show the pal appearence until revealing the beast appearance in full detail - so, no bug there, confusion resolved, case closed for now.