Minor Presentation Bug

before unlocking the basilisk tower the picture should be covered by a ‘foggy layer’ like what’s shown with the heal tower.

yeah i have that too, idk what it is.

i mentioned this before, but flare didn’t see it as a bug.

Maybe it’s not their priority, but things like this should be very simple to fix

Hey there @GiacobbeYan,

Thanks for the feedback. We will make sure to investigate.



When I went to my inventory for towers, after I unlocked Skull Towers quite a while back, I was going there to see what the Lightning Tower and Heal Tower looked liked. But then I noticed that the picture was the same as if it was unlocked! Not a big bug, but like you said Giacobbe, minor…very minor

Very minor indeed. But I have to say it actually made me wonder whether there’s a special/secret way to unlock the B tower since it’s not fogged up