Minor Suggestion/Fix List


While there is a lively discussion around war system, the new hero, chat system, leveling, resource management and other significant and essential concepts, I want to take some time and list minor issues and suggestions. They are not game-changing, but would certainly improve the overall experience after being fixed. especially with active input from other community members. I intentionally avoid double-posting some of the ideas introduced by other authors (The ones I am consciously aware of, at least), unless they would like to see it in this list.

The structure of every suggestion involves the title, summarizing the idea, followed by the explanation of why I believe it to be relevant, alongside with the way (where applicable) of fixing it. If any of the ideas are unclear, I am more than happy to alternate it to make more sense.

Since the list is rather big, I separated it into four distinct categories, totaling five different postings in the common topic I have created. All concepts listed here are open for discussion and further suggestions, and I would gladly add any issues brought by other users to the “master-list.”  While fully understanding the “heftiness” of this writing, I would still like to invite all active players to comment on aspects they particularly agree or disagree with. The intention behind this list is to update the devs on what we, as the community, may find useful to change on a minor scale, after all.

Battle System:

This section lists minor flaws (in my opinion) of the battle system (actual assault), alongside with potential sources (where applicable) and fix suggestions. I would assume that some points here will be way more relevant than others, but most of the players would (hopefully) find something to comment upon.


_ PC custom shortcut keys. _

I believe not everyone is fond of using the default number keys and letters, as many have their pattern of keys they use for gaming. The ability to set those up via PC app settings would benefit some players, myself included, allowing a more comfortable playstyle.

_ IOS Gate of Apollon Auto Attack. _

At the moment, IOS clients have this weird auto attack option that attracts heroes directly to the center of the Apollo gate. This magnet of doom completely disables any advanced tactics like cornering enemy heroes, forcing IOS users to use gems when the time is short. Apple Pencil (the only way to deal with the rather crap mobile touch precision system so far) doesn’t work either, so it isn’t the usual issue of small screen + fat fingers.

Semi-Auto mode for the AI, where the AI does not use abilities or can be configured not to use some of them.

Currently, most players use AI for farming and manual for critical high-trophy battles. What I am proposing here is a golden mean between the two, allowing the benefits of double speed, auto units spawn and lacking flaws like the inaccurate and wasteful use of hero powers. This would enable users to have a better experience, instead of doing the annoying “switch the AI off - move to the right position - cast the ability - switch the Ai on - speed up - repeat” algorithm numerous times every single battle.

_ Double speed for manual control. _

I can’t really see why the double speed option is not available for the manual control. Even during the AI mode, the players have to control specific functions, which the AI, due to its dumbness, is unable to execute correctly. Thus, it isn’t the case of computing the battle and displaying it at a faster pace that is preventing the double speed mode. Consecutively, the necessity to switch this mode on and off, the primary reason why we all use the AI first place, is rather frustrating. It would be convenient to be able to enjoy the faster pace while playing in manual mode, hence.

_ Phoenixes blocking cyclops and the rest of the melee units entirely, unlike other units. _

Even when there is a ball of cyclops, minotaurs, and trebuchet, there is a way for all those units to get into the battle. With two phoenixes leading the pack, all of the melee units are locked behind them, sometimes making the attack extremely inefficient. This issue sometimes dramatically impacts hero statue battles, as meat shield is unable to get in and stop the hero before it reaches the phoenixes. A way to solve this would be to alter the way two phoenixes stand to accommodate a path in between for the other unit to utilize or make them completely immaterial, enabling the units to pass through (they are flying, after all, would make sense).

_ Phoenixes tend to ignore their revived/stunned/petrified enemy counterparts. _

I am not entirely sure what is the reason for such tolerance. Maybe it is the same species that causes it, we never know. For some reason, phoenixes, unlike other units, do not return to attack the revived/tunned/petrified enemy Phoenix. Instead, they continue moving forwards, also ignoring any of the units revived by enemy phoenixes. Eventually, they die alone without much use. This is rather weird, and a fix for this thing would be handy.

_ AI low health retreat mechanics fix, for it sometimes parks the hero right under enemy towers. _

Another weird AI response that rarely occurs for a reason yet unknown. This doesn’t happen all the time, and sometimes the AI realizes that something is wrong and moves the hero further away from the source of danger. What happens in some cases though is that the hero just stands under the Poseidon chain attack reflecting from other units, which is probably the source of the issue. Please, fix this thing, for continually babysitting the AI is not fun, not to mention dying from this, which is annoying.

_ Griffins ignore stuns. _

It is understandable when griffins ignore stunning spells (medusas, pheme) while mid-air and I believe it is part of the game mechanics. Sometimes, though, they ignore it even at the beginning of their animation, when they are still on the ground, which seems rather illogical. Furthermore, manual attacks with petrifying chance can freeze phoenixes mid-air, which doesn’t make sense given the failures of Pheme or Medusa’s Gaze under the same conditions. Ideally, a fix for the mid-air AA freeze or the ability to reliably stun them mid-air with abilities would fix this.

_ AI priorities. _

I am aware that AI prioritizes targets that would kill/convert it faster than other towers/units. What doesn’t make sense in this case, though, is that Phoenixes would readily attack llapetos towers over nyx towers, dealing almost no damage, eventually being converted. This happens while in def mode, which should have shifted the priority to the nyx tower according to what I know. An amendment to force the AI of units to consider resistances of towers at some point would be ideal because such targeting doesn’t make sense.

_ Better trophy deduction system, based on the offense level instead of trophies. _

I understand the point of trophy deduction, rewarding players fighting and defeating hard targets and I don’t mind giving 25+ trophies to lower opponents. What I do mind though is when I am nuked by people of 20 levels above (110 in my case) and lose 25 trophies. The logic here is simple, if people of such levels have around 3k trophies, they have, most likely, invested heavily in farms, troops and spells, cause their towers are unleveled. Furthermore, given the 20+ level difference, I can assume that their gear is way better (The increment levels are skewed as we get towards 128, so it is critical here), which doesn’t make their win that impressive. Therefore, I want to propose calculating the “offensive” rating, based on the combination of buffs, units, gear and odyssey masteries and scaling trophy rewards (and losses) based upon that rather than the sheer number of trophies.


This section mainly concerns in-game recruitment, as well as some social concepts. It is designed to argue for mechanisms that are easily executable, in an attempt to make things better while we are waiting for P2P communication, global chat, and mail system. I hope many would find their thoughts and ideas here and would thus join the discussion.


Minimum trophy level filter for alliance admissions.

Currently, there is an option to filter who can apply by level, which does help indeed, but the system can be improved further. There is no message function for prospective low-level players with high trophies (the sign of their excellence) to communicate their desire to join the alliance to the officers at the moment. Thus, a filter for trophy points may solve the issue of excellent players being barred from entering the team. What happens instead is that we mostly get high-level silent farmers, which are not that great regarding defense or offense. Overall, this may make recruitment more convenient while we are waiting for the chat system.

Better alliance search filters, including language, trophies, members.

So far, we can only search for specific alliance names. Many projects similar to OR, though, use a system of custom filters, allowing recruits to search for alliances of a certain language, trophy level, or torches. This is almost intuitive to everyone who played anything other than OR and is exceptionally convenient, given the absence of chat and the general idleness of forum. Hence, I believe such function would benefit the OR and is worth consideration.

Some form of nickname vacation mechanism to free the nicknames of inactive users OR different fonts for different alphabets.

Users are going inactive all the time, and they take their nicknames with them. This impacts active and new users, as they can no longer select the nicknames, they would have, because someone inactive felt like taking it and leaving the game. For instance, I have to use the letter “O” from a different alphabet, because someone who is no longer playing did it before me. I believe this is not ideal, and can easily be changed with a mechanism of vacating nicknames after the person is absent for a few month. If such mechanism is too hard to implement (I don’t know the organization of the server part after all), separate fonts for different alphabets would help a lot. There are all sorts of confusions arising from player name visually looking like English, yet practically being Russian or any other language. A way to distinguish different alphabets would make searching way more convenient, significantly reducing failures due to incorrect search requests.

Ability to suppress connection/disconnection logs in the chat.

This is a minor issue, which many might not care about, yet I will still list it. Connection and disconnection logs, displayed by the game, can sometimes cover the entire chat box, separating and hiding messages from real players. Consecutively, extra effort has to be applied to communicate with alliance members, which is not very convenient. The only way to remove those entries at this moment is to restart the game, which is not optimal either. Thus, the ability to selectively mute this feature would come handy, especially for the teams that do not use tools like discord or line.

Buffs auto-extender.

I assume many buff managers (officers and leaders) have experienced the frustration of missing the buff extension deadline, resulting in increased gold values to start everything again. This mainly arises from donation limits exactly matching the buff expiration times, so that there is just enough gold to keep the buffs running through prolonging them at a specific time every day. Now, should someone suddenly experience a real-life issue, the buffs are wasted in no time. With auto-extend function, this would not happen, making it a little bit easier for those in charge (We (officers/leaders) still have to get up 4-5 am for wars on weekends by the way).

Invites filter to automatically decline invites from alliances that do not have certain trophies, member count or torch levels.

Another recruitment feature, now related to invite management. Currently, we can choose to ignore all or none of the invites, which may result in some weird situations, such as specific alliances spamming with invites or 80+ invites from low-level alliances. Both cases are undesired, I would assume, so a filter to selectively decline invites from particular alliances, based on trophies, torches or alliance names even would come handy. I wouldn’t want to miss an invite from one of the top ten alliances, after all, while gladly omitting to reject all the five men alliances invitations.


This section would only by interesting to a minor number of players that prefer to operate with numbers and logic instead of hands-on experience and practice. I do not expect these functions to have priority but would like to see some of them implemented one day. Maybe, some of them would be beneficial for average players too.


Better in-game alliance statistics, involving the relative number of attacks on players, as well as the win/loss ratio.

Information about alliance members available to the officers is somewhat limited at this point, which discourages any in-depth analysis of members performance. This is something I would find handy to evaluate newer players, for they cannot be assessed regarding trophies or level, but only judged upon their progress. The ability to view their w/l ratio concerning the overall number of attacks may thus come useful, allowing us (senior members) to offer them better advice for defense/attack. Furthermore, in wars this would enable officers to find players that “donate” most of the points to enemies, resulting in officers / experienced players working with such people to help them and the alliance to become better.

_ The ability to extract alliance members war information for further analysis. _

Every war I have to go through the burden of screenshooting the heroes used by my alliance members, manually checking their levels (one by one!) right after the end of the war and retyping all this information, alongside their final points, into a Google spreadsheet. This enables me to analyze their performance and commend players that performed particularly well (Through an automated algorithm), so it is essential for me to do this every war. A way to export data would make it all a lot easier for me and any other officer doing similar kind of job in their alliance.

_ Option to view the time taken by the attacker to fight your defense. _

This is something many anticipate to see, I assume. Currently, we are only able to see the % completion, which is not convenient on lower levels, since for most it is 100% all the time. What would be helpful, though, is to see how long attackers take to get that 100 %, because sometimes a simple substitution of buffed archers may take care of the 5-8 secs they had remaining. If we can know that those few seconds are the reason for our loss, we can plan our defense better, which is really convenient.

Option to view the unit loadout of the attacker.

Same kind of idea as above, knowing what unit combination nuked our def and what failed would be helpful for making amends to it. Guessing how to rearrange stuff is not optimal, taking the strategic aspect out and introducing monkey-like trial and error instead (My honest opinion, feel free to disagree). 

The option to compare the new items with the base stats of the items equipped by heroes instead of the forged stats.

Currently, when new items are obtained from chests, their stats are compared with whatever is used by the hero at the moment, without the consideration of forged/not forged stats. Thus, we do not get the green indication on items that would be way better when forged, ending up selling them or using them as a donor. Alternatively, we have to continually remember what the base stats of our items are and compare them manually, which makes the built-in system less useful. What I propose, hence, is to have an option to compare the BASE stats of the equipped items with the new items obtained from chests.

Special forge screen that does not require to be in the inventory of every hero.

This is a minor suggestion, that would make things slightly easier for players. We have a particular screen to collect forged items and to select the donor for the item that is being forged. Why don’t we have everything related to forging in a single screen then, so that we do not have to scroll between heroes to select items or rings? Ideally, this screen would also have equipped/not equipped and item type filters to facilitate the process. 

Some representation for the range of units?

We can see the circles for towers, but there is currently no way to know whether the archers will shoot at the units on the second path or not, whether the griffin would jump over or not, etc. Some numerical value to represent the range of units (in terms of map cells) or the option to draw circles for them may be helpful. Now, I know it is rather hard to implement this type of changes, so I do not expect immediate reactions. Would be nice to see this happening one day though. 

Flashing deal icon suppression after it is clicked once.

This is an issue native to IOS devices (at least in my case), and it involves gem deal icon flashing even after I check it. This is somewhat annoying, as I keep thinking I have new rewards, continually checking the screen to see the very same old deal thing flashing like mad. Ideally, a mechanism to ensure it is suppressed after the first click would be nice. Same is true for flashing icons due to tower/barricade slot availability, of which I am aware, but do not want to use. A way to switch those off would help a great deal.

Server time display.

Recently, I learned that ST (Server Time) is UTC, which makes sense and is convenient. A step further would be to have a small box listing server time somewhere in the UI, so that officers and leaders can refer to ST while giving orders. Continually checking/calculating UTC outside of the game is not that optimal, after all.

Forum fixes:

This section is somewhat weird, as it is intended for the OR forum and not the game. I could not find a separate “forum suggestion” thread, so I decided to post it here. It contains some of the functions I would be glad to see, assuming that some of them would be helpful for other players too.


Profile field for Titan code, so that the users don’t have to post and repost it every hour in the Titan thread.

Most players register on forum for the sole purpose of spamming titan code thread (and any other thread on forum, as history shows) with their code. Now, the thread is used by many players, so to “keep up” some notorious posters do it once every 2-3 hours. It seems like a civil war of some sort, with players trying to outpost each-other. The ability to have titan code in a separate field somewhere in the profile (under location/in-game name maybe?) would, hopefully, solve the issue, allowing players that are actively posting in discussion and suggestion to get the benefits from guests viewing those threads. Some users do this already, putting it under their location, but an “official” field would be even better.

_ The ability to block the Titan thread, at least notification-wise. _

This is related to the issue described above. Titan code thread ALWAYS displays notifications of new messages, which is rather annoying for those not interested in titan codes. I try to read stuff as soon as it is posted and titan code highlighting the recruitment tab always tricks me to believe there are new, actually interesting messages there. So 10-12 times per day I go through the burden of checking the forum to find yet another (5th daily) titan code posting from Nguen or someone of that irk. Please, allow me (and all like-minded individuals) to disable the notifications for this particular thread or block it entirely! Ideally, without messing with google CSS viewer like I have to do now.

Update the Helpdesk FAQ; it is somewhat obsolete.

Helpdesk is lagging behind updates, it seems, with no information on forging (especially unique items, for long I wondered whether it is a single item per ascension level or one forging of every unique per one ascension lvl). I believe it would be helpful for it to be updated and I can work on a separate list with information that may be added to it if needed. I would rather leave it to Morgan and his team to decide though, for they surely have more experience ;).

Webhooks for topics (to display new posts).

I was able to successfully use the RSS feed to set up a bot for the discord group of my alliance, notifying players about news and server updates, which is great. With that said though, there is no RSS feed for topics, so a thing I am unable to do (easily, that is, I can still parse stuff with sophisticated algorithms) is to extrapolate information about user posts in, let’s say, our recruitment topic. It would be great to have a webhook enabling us to easily setup bots to report any recruitment posts to discord, so one of the officers can react asap.

Feel free to add any of my ideas to this thread, including the one on adding a filter/sorting system for items… especially when forging items. 


-I like the semi auto mode, I hate how I use one spell for a wave then the AI uses the rest of the spells. Overkill. I would like to customize how my hero will react in battle. For example, when at low health the auto mode moves hero back, away from danger… sometimes not far enough. I’d like to enable my hero to kamikaze, because sometimes I would benefit more if my hero just respawned instead of wasting time running back.

-Double speed for manual control. Like.

-AI Priorities. I’d like to customize what my units target, plenty of times my pheonixes ignore nyx towers in corners and I have to manually destroy with my spells.

-I like all the alliance/communication ideas. Especially adding a filter system and adding a way to free up nicknames from long term inactive players. I tried searching for a player named: Vyrus, but nothing showed up, so I thought maybe there was some sort of picture associated with the name but that doesnt make sense. Also, that brings me to another point… it is a hassle trying to search for an alliance/players with pictures in their name.

-I also would like to be able to reward promote my members better. I would like to see information that tells when they joined the alliance, how much total vp they contributed, which enemy heroes they attacked, etc. As of now, I’m going off of memory and have been thinking about creating a spreadsheet to help me but that would take time to maintain that i dont have.

-I would like more information about my attackers, what units they use, how long they took, what spell boosts they used, where they exactly/specifically died at.

-I like the idea of seeing a field of range for units.

-Profile slot for titan code. Like.

@Vyrus thanks for the permission! This thread was created long before I joined the mod team, so the idea is somewhat obsolete. Currently, I am working on an index thread that would reference all of the unique ideas posted in this subforum since the first days of OR, as well as their respective implementation status, which is a much better option in my opinion. This change would come some time in February (approximately) and would also feature a general clean-up, some of which is already underway and will probably become apparent soon.

Minor suggestion, but it would be appreciated: when you complete your odyssey for the week, it shows the sea chests you received.  It would be really nice if you had a second splash screen that showed the total buffs earned that week (I.e., +0.8 to griffin damage, +1.0 to talos, etc…) Sometimes by the time you finish your last quest you forget what you earned on the early ones. It would also be a fun screenshot to share weekly with your teammates or on the forums. Thanks