Minor text glitches still here

Dheth, Windows, italian game client.

Hi there - ofc not something of high priority … but there’s still wrong text messages in game (since a long while).
The “declaredByGuild” when you receive an attack (instead than the proper alliance name) … and the message when an alliance is elminated from the war.

The second message (at least in italian) means “your alliance has been eliminated from the current war” - instead than the proper alliance name (which wasn’t us).

Just minor not important text bugs, but it’d take a moment to fix when you get a chance :slight_smile:


Thanks. Both of these are in our database, but are (surprisingly, perhaps) quite complicated to fix due to the way the messaging system interacts with the War system, and therefore not incredibly high on our priority list. That doesn’t mean we won’t fix them, but it will be in a time where we are more able to focus on smaller bug fixes, so not the next couple of versions.