Minotaur Island Bug

I cleared two minotaur islands, while cleaning the third island the game kicks me out and I lost the battle. THIS happened three time, and I already lost 400 ambrosia and 20 gems. Please do something about it. It’s annoying 

Don’t die and have no summons on path. If all ur summons die and u die. Game over


I cleared all of them, I am guessing there was summon in my path every time the game closed. However, my hero had full health and I had several warriors and Medusa, but it still kicked me out. I didn’t understand the point of having summons on path???

Me too.
It’s impossible! I’ve tried 10+ times, everytime the battle ends when I still have 1 minute or more. 
I would like to have back all the gems that I’ve used to try this challenge.
Please fix this, and please compensate us in some way!

Its not a bug… 

The skull throwing tower is making you loose… Sometimes you miss  some ghosts, and they reach your base… 

Since Ariadne can summon troops on her position, ghosts get a free run… 

Just summon some warriors from the back and problem fixed.

Happened to me a few times till i figured out what on earth was happening ? 

Take trebuchets with you and wipe the towers from the distance. The only thing that worked for me when I was on lower level. 

This is a bug. I’ve had my brother blood rain NZ see this same thing happen to me just before I should get raid with still over a minute left   100% positive Charon tower hasn’t got troops behind my lines I have lost this way before by being destroyed but it only ever happens with Adriane because of her portal ability unless your not calling in any more reinforcements

Hey Daklon, I’ve not seen this before, but if you can still get it, maybe you can share a video using the ingame feature?

Will help us see what the problem might be.