Minotaur Trophies

I conquered all of the Minotaur islands when the trophy issues were occurring and only received 1 trophy per island. I believe I read a post by a dev saying we can have this trophy reward corrected. How do I go about getting the proper number of trophies I should have earned? Thanks for your help!

Hello Qraq,

Please get in touch with the customer support about your issue, they will be able to help you further. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the troubles.

I would love to but that link brings me to a bunch of pages in German(?).  ? 


Is there customer support for those of us that speak English? ?

Yes, just send your request in English :slight_smile:

The support is available in English, German and French! 



And now magically there is nothing in German on that link and I can actually read where to submit it. Thank you for your help. My ticket has been submitted.