Miraculous League records ?

Would like to share my thoughts here concerning the league records we see all the time in our leagues.

Currently went down to the gold league. It shows a league record of 200,222 medals.

This league goes on for 24 hours.

Usually, to score high, you need to fight strong players with 300-1200 medals bases. Since the high medals bases are very tough and extremely hard to beat, we can assume the average medals per raid is around 500. Also, it takes a lot of time to search and find those bases. Even if you have a ready list of targets, you can’t fight each more than 3 times per hour and many times they are online. Usually, most of the time is wasted for this search.

If my calculation is right, then to score the mentioned above medals record, then 200k / 24h / 500 medals equals 16.7 raids per hour. Meaning, one raid per 3:36 minutes… A raid of tough bases usually takes almost the max time, close to 2:44 minutes, sometimes less. A couple of seconds raid brief and then a couple of seconds for the CoF. Estimated Total of 3:00-3:30 minutes per each raid. Let’s not forget that it also takes time to find this opponent.

Now we must also assume that this record-man is a robot, which during 24 hours only makes raids one after the other, never sleeps, never eats and never even goes to the toilet… Not only a robot, but also a super-star Raider, who always wins each raid… Not only a super star, but also very wealthy, cause to get enough food for all this, you can’t waste your time on watching videos, only to buy the food for gems…

Think the same miraculous records are in all the leagues.

I smell a bad smell here… Does anyone else? (not because of avoiding toilets, lol)



You can do max 1670 medals being in top 100 (25% medal boost) and max 2004 medals being in top 10 (50% medal boost)

200,222 / 1670 = almost 120 raids…120 * 3min = 6h total to do such result… and the max is 24h of gold league. I don’t smell any bad smell lol

Most of the league records are always set by top players, i don’t see anomaly for this league record

Even being in top 500 you can do it, only that require 7h instead of 6h.

Yep, this could explain those numbers… Sorry, I was thinking as a regular mortal, not as a top 10… :slight_smile:

Please close the topic.

Nope   : we will leave it open and bump it each day , so everybody can admire the math skills of a regular mortal

yes its possible to make that record but i can’t make that much right now ? hehehe… ?

Thanks oPelle for opening this thread again.

I would like to talk about two issues. Reward medals algorithm and total time between raids. Then will try to apply this information to the league records.

  1. Minimal time for a full raid

A raid against a tough fully boosted top base will usually take almost the maximum of 2:45 minutes. If we add the summary screen and CoF, it’s at least 3:00+ minutes. to this we must add the food collecting/replenishing time. If the food is finished completely, there is a need to watch videos for farms boosting and/or buying more food for vouchers or gems. These take time of course. Also, there is the exhausting issue of searching for worthy opponent. The fastest way is using matchmaker, pressing “new opponent” all the time until you find the appropriate one to raid. Other ways are by leaderboard or searching for certain player on your lists. This take the most time usually, sometimes more than the raid itself. Then, there is the time it takes to examine the opponent’s base and to equip yourself with appropriate spells, troops and king’s gear, before starting the raid. We are dealing here with heavily boosted top-players targets, so this step is very important.

Anyway, to be on an extremely optimistic side, let’s take 5:00 minutes as a very good average interval between continuous raids. Usually it will take much longer.

  1. Medals Reward game algorithm

We all know that the more you raid, the less loot and medals you get offered next raid. This is a well known notorious game algorithm that makes our playing so frustrating. Usually you see a significant decrease in gold and medals after 5-6 successful raids. Then, with each raid the offered rewards become worse and worse, until after another 5-6 raids they become so laughably low, that there is no point to continue your raids. You need to take a couple of hours brake to get better loot and medals offered again.

Actually, all this is a common knowledge for all, I’m just trying to summarize it here.


Now let’s return to the league records issue. This time we will deal with the Diamond league record. Today it stands at 1,777,777… Nice number. Let’s try to analyze this number.

A top 10 player (not us, the mortal ones of course), can score in a single raid maximum of 2,004 medals.

1,777,777 : 2,004 = 887 raids. The diamond lasts 3 days, so 296 raids per day. 12.3 raids per hour… That leaves us with 4:52 minutes per raid. Even less than the most optimistic 5:00 minutes we have assumed

First set of questions : Sleeping? Eating? Bathing? Going to the toilet? For 3 days?.. Come on…

Second set of questions : 100% success in finding 2,004 medals targets 887 times in a row? 100% success in beating 887 targets in a row? No loot/medals award severely decreasing by the game algorithm for 887 raids?.. Unbelievable…

Let’s take the less immortal ones, the top 100. They can earn max 1,670 medals per raid. 1,777,777 : 1,670 = total 1,065 raids. 355 raids per day. 14.8 raids per hour. That’s 4:00 minutes per raid…

Gentlemen, this smells bad. I dare anyone to prove this achievement is physically possible for a human.

Not bathing for 3 days and not going to the toilet. lol



Not sure, but I think 77lotc is really doing it by himself, though there have been other players who set up those crazy records mostly by sharing one account among a lot of players, that’s why they could do it. It is possible for one person though, it is time consuming but possible. You need to be in top 10, you need to be prepared to spend gems for food, spend gems to scroll (in order not to lose a raid and in order to speed up a raid). You mentioned 4:52 minutes per raid - one raid takes 2:45 min + time wasted in cof, in finding another opponent - so I think you can do it in less than 4:52.

It is posible but extremely hard, that’s why you don’t see too many players breaking such record too often.

Not to mention, 90% of the time you don’t beat a base as last second, you can save 60-30 seconds or whatever per raid (combined with a good offense war boost for example, you can beat bases with a nice time advantage (+ scrolling which I mentioned above), so each raid you can save quite a lot of time, which means you can afford losing a raid, for example, or have a quick shower :wink: . But still it requires a lot of time, effort and gems, again, that’s why not that many players beat those records.

Lol, Mag. My calculation was based upon playing non-stop for 72 hours. If you try to sleep for a couple of hours each day, it seems even more ridiculous. This is not human… Please also don’t forget the medals award decreased after 5-6 raids already and after 10 raids in a row it becomes ridiculously low. It cannot possibly stay at 2,004 medals per raid for 887 raids in a row.

The only explanation I can think of, is that the same IGN is shared by many players that raid like crazies for 3 days.

This would be a kind of cheating. Now, the question is,: Why should all of us, always see an official figure of a record that was achieved by a shady method?

Not sure what are you LOLing about. You tend to overthink about spy theories too much in my opinion. As I said, there were crazy record set up by account shared by a lot of players, so account could play literally 24/7. When it comes to current record holder, I don’t think he would be sharing his account and I also don’t think he would cheat it any way, he is not my friend or anything but I know him and his abilities through the time I’ve been plaing this game, and I can tell, he is not human when it comes to setting up a new record. His first, crazy to us, records were quite low compared to the current one, but each time humans who shared account among another humans broke his record, withing the next few days, he, not human, set up a new one, always with the 7s in it. Some people like to do such things, will sucrifice a lot, with spend a lot of money to achieve the goal. I will repeat AGAIN, that’s why neither you, nor me, nor 99.9% players in this game will ever try to do it.

Well, accounts are shared, Flare made it easy for all of us. It was also used when there was grinding during wars, one account, champed account, with many players playing it could reach great amount of skulls, the account that played 24/7. It can happen/happens for breaking league record as well - but still, one player, dedicated enough, can do it as well.

No Mag, one player cannot do it. This is what I’ve tried to prove here with the calculations.

Also, I’m not trying to be personal about a certain player. Talking about all the leagues records.

And last thing. Please do try yourself to score any amount of medals which looks nice. …777777 for example. It is extremely difficult to achieve. What happens if you have scored …777778 by a mistake? let’s play a bit more, raid 100,000 medals in 60 minutes and make them all …8888888?

Please imagine a player desperately seeking for the final opponent to raid that will give him the exact amount needed. Do try to seek by yourself and you will spend an hour for this.

Come on, you participate in leagues as well. You should know better how hard it is to score medals. I’ve been into all the leagues for over 2 years now. Lately even was stuck four months in a row in the diamond. Usually I see players scoring 50-150K medals. Rarely over 200K. Very dedicated players. Top players. Some of them play whole 3 days, only going to sleep for a couple of hours. It’s not even close to 1.7M

Ok, so if you are right, if one player cannot do it, I gave you an answer, SHARED account. But I’ve seen many players playing non stop, not sleeping at all while fighting in wars (in grinding wars),  I really seen such people in my alliance (top one back then) who literally played 24/7 when they champed. And I know, current record holder could do it by himself for 3 days if he wanted to (or he shared his account, I don’t know this). I know players (in grinding wars) who didn’t have to scroll to win a battle, but scrolled just to speed up the raid, to give themselves more time to make more battles, to earn more skulls. There are crazy things people do to achieve something, to you it might seem impossible but the reality might be different.

Everything you have mentioned Mag, is indeed possible and happening in the top alliances.  Playing non-stop, Champing like crazy on even 5 fronts simultaneously is 20x5=100 raids per day. You’re not even getting close to 887 raids per day…


What do you mean 20x5 ? 20 raids per front ? back in the days, with grinding around most of us at the top made way more than 20 raid per war = more than 100 per day.

Why are you mentioning 887 per day if in your main post you said 887 per 3 days ? I don’t understand Edward what is your problem right now, if your mathematics caltulaction said that it is possible to make 1,777,777 medals in 3 days, way …, it is possible, because being a player does not always  mean  being a “human”,there are players who do impossible things to you but those are the things that in theory are still possible.  Do you think there is not such person in the world who would play the game for 3 days 24/7 ? Really ? I’ve heard about more extreme things.


It doesn’t matter right know if the current record holder of 1,777,777 medals did it by himselfv or with the help of more players, your calculations proved it is possible, so not sure what are you arguing about, it is possible so there is such record.

Right Mag, 296 per day, my bad. :slight_smile:

You got it wrong, my calculations do prove it cannot be achievable, that this is an absurd. But you think it’s like scoring skulls in a war. The difference is that skulls stay the same 1015, no matter how many times you raid. Medals offered are decreased with each successful raid. You can get 2,000 medals at the first raids, but same level players will offer you 1,200-1,500 after merely 10 raids. Then much less. Surely, you should know this and still insist that it’s possible. Well, have it your way.

No Edward, you proved it is possible to score 2004 medals with 4:52 min per raid to achieve 1,777,777 medals in 3 days playing 24/7. 

Yes.You are right medals will decrease etc etc.  Some raids will be lost etc. Yes.

But please, also take into account that not always you will end a raid at last second. Most of the time you will save some time each raid. So instead of 4:52 min at raid it will be 3:15 for example. 


All you proved it is the fact that it was possible to score 1,777,777 medals during 3 days, doesn’t matter if one person or more paople achieved it. If you still claim it was not possible, maybe go and make an official report that someone cheated the league record instead of a pointless discussions with me if you keep claming only you are right. 

You made a calculation. You proved it was possible but you still deny it. 

77Lotc set his current record by sharing account with some friends although I’m sure he did most part by himself.It is possible by 4-5 player alternating.