Misadventures of an ambitious king - Rough Sketch #1 - Knock Knock

Some random sketches based on my experiences with the game. Can be funny sometimes :rofl:

Sketch #1 - Knock Knock
How to annoy a nice family for 365 gems/ year

I hope I posted in right section.


The last one, definitely the house, that gives 1 gem daily…

Omg this is the best LOOOL

I just had the biggest laugh :laughing:

Keep them coming, these are really good!

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exactly, came to know when i was level 40.

Purpose of sketch fulfilled. I’m very happy :smile:

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This is amazing hahaha! I love the Breaking Bad reference!
Awesome job! I also added a fanart tag :slight_smile: for the future.

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Yeah one of the best memorable quotes, glad you liked the fan art. Thanks and very thoughtful Madlen for adding fan-art tag it will be helpful for all the artist fans of RR2. :smiley: