Misadventures of an ambitious king - Rough Sketch #3 - A date with Celestial Phoebe

I think I was level 90 something, that’s when I faced Celestial Phoebe, little did I know what was was coming, I thought it was just like any other beast, I checked the defense it was not tough at all just a regular defense and so I thought let me defeat this new beast just like I have defeated other beasts and without a clue as to what would happen I entered the enemy defense, I took down the towers as usual and reached the stage Siege, that’s when Celestial Phoebe with all the madness rushed towards the king and his army, as soon as it reached near it unleashed wrath on my troops and king, it was like in one swipe it took everything away in its path. With 3 Armageddons blinding the sight, the king faced an instant death along with his troops.

That’s when I realized this is not a beast to be taken lightly, I tried to sacrifice my troops and ran as far way as I can with 60% speed but with the incoming waves and the extended reach of the blinding Armageddons, even running away was futile. Its only in rare cases I could outrun and reach for the castle gate. If you check @oPelle video on Celestial Phoebe casting Armageddon you can see the blinding triple Armageddon. Celestial Phoebe made that normal defense into an impenetrable defense, its like attaining misfortune level max when the king meets Celestial Phoebe. For a spell based player the current phoebe is not as strong as the one that was introduced, the current phoebe we can outrun if needed letting troops bide the time while summoning mummy or insta troops or troops by pals once skipping phoebe, but the earlier one unless one has a massive army its not easy, at-least at that time for me.

Some sketches on those battles of misfortune. :panda_face:


Have fun with the sketches :rofl:


Awesome… Really enjoyed it… :joy::joy::joy::v::v::v:

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“Wrapped up is the coolest fashion”…

I died, keep them coming :rofl:

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Impressive. You are very good at drawing stories. My compliments.

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Male something about pro league :wink:

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Thank you GrimScythe :grin:, glad you enjoyed it, it was fun sketching too :smile:.

Yeah even I was holding my laughter while sketching, the mummy kid likes his fashion very much, very happy it gave you great laughter. Will sketch more for sure :smiley:

Thank you very much for the compliments Dena :heart_eyes:, they are very motivating :star_struck: & very happy to know you liked it and find it impressive :+1:.

Yes I will Orko, its a misadventure not just for my king but for most kings. The pro league will get is share of sketches :wink:.

Cute :smiley: enjoyed the story, and the sketches :smiley:

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Thank you glad you liked the story and sketches :smiley: Even though “This story is based on a not so inspiring actual battle :rofl::”.