Misadventures of an ambitious king - Rough Sketch #4 - Disastrous Times

Credits to @aslan for allowing me to sketch his incredible ogre skin design. Thanks a lot Aslan :+1:

It may or may not happen more. Boo. Just kidding :money_mouth_face:


Thank you for the lovely cartoon.
Your comics are also graceful and loyal to RR2.:ć‚¦ć‚£ćƒ³ć‚Æ:
Iā€™m always looking forward to it.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Baker ogre skin? Awesome idea man!

Keep them coming, gotta love how realistic you make these :grin:

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Very glad you liked it Aslan :smile:, I had fun sketching Orga :star_struck:, I forgot to add sweets for Orga, may be next time incredible Orga will have some. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes ShadowsGuardian the baker ogre skin is awesome, Aslan came up with this creative design of Orga, so thought of using them in some sketches. Happy that you love them, Thanks for all your likes and comments on misadventures sketches :smile::+1:.