Misadventures of an ambitious king - Rough Sketch #5 - Pro Woes

Im not a regular pro player or wanna top the charts, all I want is just to earn enough score to get 2 pro chest and be happy which is getting tough by the week based on what I see in forum, but I feel sorry for all those real pro players with real skills and score who are aced by those low level “born genius pro players”. Have fun with the sketches, if its possible with the situation. :smile:

Credits to @aslan for the nice Orga Design.

:facepunch: Just for fun.

@orko - :sweat_smile: forgot to let you know as you were the one asked to make something about pro in the #3 misadventure sketch. Hope you like it.


You have talent.


:smiley: Thank you very much for the compliments Dena, very glad you liked them. The balloon were funny to sketch. :rofl:

Awesome Awesome Awesome… and heart touching… :joy::joy::joy: but really, it depicts truth in a very linear fashion…simply, love your art… :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: It has got story, It has got humour, and specially the sketch is so amazing… :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Thank you for the fun RR2 cartoon today:heart_eyes:
Orga is loved by his children and the king.:grin::smiley::muscle::cookie:
And nostalgic “balloon fight”:balloon:
I hope he can participate in the pro league someday.:muscle::trophy:

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@GrimScythe2001 :smile: Glad it made you laugh :joy: even though the truth is bitter, Thanks for the very nice comment :smiley: :+1:, hope to sketch more :joy: to laugh more

Thank you @aslan :star_struck:, yes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: the strong, benevolent and love-able orga in pro league would be awesome, balloon fight is always fun, but I hope flares cheat detection system bursts those balloons it would be fun and real pros get those rewards. Orga is enjoyable to sketch, Thanks again Aslan, wishing for more designs from you.

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you have created yet another great story, one that hits home for me as well. thanks for sharing this one, and fingers crossed those that make it so difficult for us to keep going in PL will some day get the honest rewards and the cheaters will get caught…all of them.

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Too good… lovely… perfectly explains the cuurent condition… :sunglasses::sunglasses::heart::heart:

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Describes the Pro-Situation very good. How sad …

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Thank you @IrishLady911 , that’s a delightful comment :smiley:, though the pro situation is a bit bleak, but lets hope flare will bring in the cheat detection system soon, once they do it hope they give is the monthly participation rewards too and the honest pros get the max rewards :smiley: .

@KingAdityaKumar Thanks for the like and the nice comment :smiley: glad to see you in misadventures topic often :+1:.

@orko Thanks :smile:, right you are very sad situation that earlier we used to get monthly pro chest and some gems but now those cheaters ruined it. Thanks very much for asking me to sketch this had fun sketching this one :joy:.


Except for cheating and banning cheaters.

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Sadly this is true
Really well made, I love the drawings

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Thank you Awesomest, its good to see you in this post, happy that you love the drawings. Losing fellow gamers is sadder than this. :sob: Good luck Awesomest :smiley:

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