Misclicked in cof and wasted 500 gems again. No confirmation?

I thought there was supposed to be confiration on all gem purchase above 100? 

No confirmation

Lol the request for confirmation of no confirmation :grinning:

This has got to a least make flare laugh…

Mr. FTB said they will fix it in the next update but idk, they take their time and don’t even want to compensate players for their own mistake

They will compensate this once for you when you submit a ticket for the incident.

Yeah, but there should be confirmation button always, not compensation once, in the first place… hope they don’t forget about it in next update. Maybe then they can also combine it with the requested “melt from CoF” button while they’re already at it.

I can confirm this fix is indeed coming soon with a new update, I just can’t commit to a date yet.

For now, please do contact Support: https://fgurl.net/help_me

And don’t forget melt from chest :grinning: