Misconduct on part of another player towards our alliance

As mentioned before, we all deal with alliance hoppers. Recently, one of those hoppers got attacked by one of the generals in my alliance. That player rejoined our alliance and then threatened our general…using profanity and a death threat. I have screenshots of what was said, and that it happened more than once with the threat towards more than one member of my alliance. If someone can give me a proper location to report this, I’d really appreciate it, as I didn’t think it should go under the cheaters thread. Thanks

You can open a ticket with Flare`s support-team here:

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Report him and he’ll be banned.

Within our alliances, a bad behavior is not the developer’s job to drive it out. If he enters his alliance, he insults and threatens them, laughs in his face and then expels him. If it harasses you in attacks, then you have to put up with it or deal with it with our attacks. Imagine that he insults you, you can not go to the developer to tell him to expel you for insulting that player or threatening you. Another thing is if I did in this forum, they could eject him from the forum, but not the game. In the game that player, is free to insult or threaten, although very bad behavior. It is not good what that player does, but he can not be expelled. I believe that one should only expel a player if he cheats, just for that. :wink:

Well actually I think it is written in the ToS…

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Not really.

Making death threats is a serious matter and should be considered as such.

It’s not just about saying bad words… it’s about threatening someone.

So in my opinion, not only on RR2 but anywhere…

Such things should be taken seriously by giving the proper punishment, which in this case would be banning the player :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, but to say to do there is a lot of difference. Insults can not be measured by their content. One insult is the same as another. I imagine that this person who behaves in this way, they will have expelled him from various alliances, it is the work of the alliance, not to love that crazy person and to expel him from the alliance. If his way is that of making war, he is wrong, but he is in a game. I imagine that person goes in soltario. I would tell him that there with his conscience. If we say that they expel him, tomorrow who will we say they expel? His behavior is bad, but asking us to expel him is a whim and we then put ourselves at the level of that person. Do you think then friends, that the developer must have a magic wand to measure who is the most stupid and badly educated in the game? Everywhere there is always a madman and we do not kill him, we just turn our backs on him. Anyway, do what friends want. :wink:

Well, if your misconduct has been here in the forum, then you should be expelled from the forum. :wink:

It’s not about having a “magic wand”.

This is not an automated process…

It’s about showing proof on how that person has no right to play the game.

Or are you telling me its fine for them to have such a behaviour?

Just because you’re on a game, behind a desk sitting confortably at home…

Doesn’t give you the right to say whatever you want.

Many people do think like that, but seriously shouldn’t :upside_down_face:

Yup and I can confirm I’ve seen players getting permanently banned because of what they wrote in the game chat.

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Morally wrong who insults and threatens that it does not come true. Then morally, also the one who kills a warrior with a sword in a game. You already know that I do not approve that person who behaves like that, but they must analyze. Morally you are attacking or harassing warriors or whatever you want to call them. what difference there are? Maybe it’s a crazy coward who only becomes brave in the game. LOL. In the end we will be careful when speaking, for a dictatorship. I repeat, I do not approve of that person’s behavior, but analyze … everything that happens is inside a game, close the door and that’s it, or is it that they invite that person to insult them easily or threaten them?

Maybe then President Donald Trump, eliminate this game, because it incites hatred with these wars we do? It would be the same, seen from above the power, as the power that has a developer, others to eliminate the game for violent, right? Do not worry, Donald Trump will not withdraw this game, because he is more violent. LOL

I suppose you would not be happy to be harassed in any kind of chat, either it be rr2, messenger, twitter whatsapp etc…

But going by your logic I could say “don’t worry it’s just some fictional chat room, and thus no nead to report”.

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Attempt to, or harass, abuse, or harm, or advocate or incite harassment, abuse, or harm of another person, group, including Flaregames employees, including Flaregames’ customer service representatives.


The Terms of Service seem to be quite clear in that case …

Has anyone thought to think that to expel someone, you have to hear the two people? A developer should not expel because only one party says, that they expel a member. I have nothing against IrishLady911, the gathering and as he has exposed to me I like to have commented, but I think it is not a reason for expulsion, without hearing at least the other opposing party. You are asking lightly, to expel a person and it does not seem right without the developer, have spoken with that person supposedly badly educated, stalker, etc … If he is a madman, surely he has done without reason, but if he is not crazy, perhaps this will take time since they started, because it is said that he enters the alliance to insult and threaten. Things do not happen overnight. It is easy to block a person or ignore them. This is not that they knock on your door and go to the police and then a trial is held.

Proof has been submitted to the developers, and it is not necessary to dispute here, on the forum, what constitutes a threat and what doesn’t. That will be left up to the developers. Thank you to those who gave me the information I asked for. Hopefully this player and his extra accounts will be banned…permanently…so my alliance and other alliances no longer need to deal with these threats.

If he is attacking you again and again, get your team ready and make him down… 100-200 attacks on him per day…

Thats the way of taking revenge…

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We all have been attacking on a daily basis, at least since he made his first threat to the one general, as we will not tolerate misconduct. He was not kicked originally, or ever actually. He joined, left, joined, left, joined, left…etc. We never had the opportunity to kick him out. I will bring up the suggestion for placing the alliance on invite only again to the leadership, and that it should help stop this kind of issue.

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Preach :clap:

Seriously guys, this is NEVER okay! :point_down:

There needs to be no discussion about it, if a death threat is reported we will investigate. Thanks to the people who provided the link to the customer support, which was absolutely correct.

It is just a game overall. Where does our society end if people send death threats because of a game they play? (This is a rhetorical question, I do not want an answer now, thank you).

Sorry, your Alliance had to experience this while playing our game IrishLady.

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If he is doing so, why you are allowing him to do that. Come, Go, COme go, is he mad. Why you are accepting him in your alliance. Be INVITE ONLY and the person will go blocked.

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