missed ninja tower

Took down the gate before I could stop and missed a tower hidden behind a tree at the gate. So gate destroyed and 2 crowns. This was a plus 2 battle island.  Didn’t see whether I got the two extra battles or not. Anyone know if you get the extra battles for taking down gate? Or only if 3 crowns? Need to know whether to move on or refight.

Yes, if you take down the gate but get 2 crowns you can still more forward without losing a batte. If you lose a raid (or the game crashes) then you have to repeat same island which means you will miss battles at the end.

Check the number of islands you completed and see the total attacks you did. Does it match? If yes, then check the remaining islands and see how many +2 battles you can get. Add that to the remaining battles, it should match the remaining number of islands.

Thank you