Missed One Tower in 30 Islands, Took 9th Place?

I get that each tower has a different point differential, but I missed one bomber tower on the 28th island solely because I killed the gate a half second too soon and wound up in 9th place in the ninja event.  For having 1 single flaw in 30 raids, that seems kinda excessive especially since it comes with only 2 ninja instead of four.

Not asking for anything.  Just venting.

The sooner you miss a tower, the “better” it is. Single tower value goes up as you progress. If you miss a tower on island #1, you are sure to get 2nd place.

Consider yourself lucky that they changed the ranking, you would have place way below 9th before the change.

Happened to me maybe 2months ago . Missed one on 3rd or 4th island and I ended 2nd.

The whole f#cking tower thing is stupid. 

You’re supposed to be penalized for having so much kill power that you just eviscerated the base before you had time to get to the two towers on the side?

At the very least you should be allowed to use up any remaining time to clean up left over towers.

In Clash Royale (the most successful game of all time, just saying…), when you take down the King’s Tower everything falls.

Now, I know I won’t win this fight, but I just want to bitch with you…

I missed a Tower and came in like 40ish…  With 2 Ninjas!  F#ck me!

So place 1 is 5 ninjas, 9 is 2 and 40 is also 2. Gotta love the “top 10 or bust” ranking system in a game that has thousands participating.

Though it might as well be “top 5 or bust”, considering how many ninjas and stuff are awarded.

There have been complaints about it since the introduction of ninja. It should change if you ask me. Missing a tower on easiest level shouldn’t literally be worth more than missing a tower on hardest level.