missing alliance chat-partiality

what the heck is going on with this game?


Could you please let us know what do you mean by this exactly?

Would you have a screenshot?

I had conversation on alliance chat and this conversation is missing.


As well other members of alliance experience the same problem.

alliance name is Croatia


by the way for ninje is written started but portal is not active.

We lost alliance chat allso. Everything since 8 or so hours ago gone.

And just lost recent alliance chat right now for a second time, again resetting to 8 or so hours ago.

same in our alliance we lost half of alliance chat right after the server maintenace

Same here, last 7 hours of chat is gone, and read messages become unread again. Happen more than one time now

The game keeps on crashing!


…yes, and all extended boost are also off :frowning:

Something wrong in my alliance, seems happened a real backup because we had an alliance member and then he is gone away for another alliance; but now with the server maintenace he showes that he still here with us but at the same time with the other alliance so we have 60/60 members instead of 59/60 ! Please fix it!

We had a member that did 3 extra donation of 9M. Al gone, we lost 40M total in donation. Thanks a lot FG.

Lol,again a weekend effect or what. 

Give a break to your emplyees FG,otherwise they will do this shitty things every time.

when u cant maintain the event do postpone it or cancel it.

why you making us suffer like this,moreover not the first time aswell,many will quit the game if this repeats.only players who had attachments with their friends are still staying.soon they too get irritate nd leave it without any complaint.

hope u fix this,any how u wont?

Donations affected. No green flag next to mine, despite being in cool down period.

donation does not appear…
just 30 minutes ago… I`m back from work, entered the game…nother issue, and new one :slightly_frowning_face: my donation gone…


I’ll close this thread as the issue was fixed in the maintenance break.