Missing Blessed Chest

I bought around 12-14 pcs blessed chest at 3,000 gold each . When i am opening it i disconnected and when i reconnect my remaining blessed chest was missing and when i tried to buy again the price was change from 3,000 gold up to 7,500 gold. I am new to this game and i dont know if the treasure chest prices was changing from time to time, i check the price of other treasure chest and i think it increase also. I can provide the pricing of treasure chest if your team will require it. Thanks in advance

Hello Brynt, 

Please send a ticket to the customer support here and explain to them your problem with as many information as possible. 

Sorry for the troubles. 

This is not new. For two weeks we are reporting. Just now facebook video. In last two days i forwarded list of all videos but no one replyed. Nice job.