Missing gems


According to my battle log, which shows the actual attackers against my base, in the past three hours i lost 61 trophies and earned 30 gems. I only recived 12 gems. 

Where could the rest be?

Two of my attackers broke gate: -25 trophies, used 12(!) gems both to succed.

I dont know why i have not recived all those gems.

Please help??? 

I believe that the gems displayed are the gems that the player has spent but you only get a part of them gems. 

@Devs Maybe you could remove the “+” before the gems that are displayed in the log, it’s implying that you actually get these gems. 


The Gem numbers shown in the battle log are currently incorrect due to a bug. The real number of Gems you have earned is still displayed in the Tributes screen.

The bug causes the displayed Gem numbers to be higher than they actually are. Even attackers who did not spend any Gems at all are sometimes listed as giving you Gems.

Don’t worry, we are already working on a fix :grinning:  

Crap, would have been nice to recive 'round 30 gems per day…?? 

Thx for answer and forecoming fix???